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Shared is driving the next wave of micromobility with Particle cellular solutions

Learn how Shared Technologies used Particle cellular solutions to get to get their micromobility scooter to market in 30 days.

David Scheltema article author avatarDavid ScheltemaJuly 26, 2019
Shared is driving the next wave of micromobility with Particle cellular solutions

In Portland Oregon, getting around is a challenge. With 653,115 people in the greater Portland area, traffic can snarl, buses are jammed, and the light rail doesn’t go everywhere you need. Shared Technologies, a Seattle-based micromobility company, is using Particle cellular solutions to improve the commute for hundreds of thousands of Portland residence.

Shared has already deployed hundreds of scooters in a pilot program with the Portland Bureau of Transportation and works closely with the city. The company believes strongly in working collaboratively with local government and citizens. Together they are learning how best to integrate micromobility solutions with existing transportation programs and initiatives already available in the city.

By using Particle, the Shared team went from business plan to production in months. Leveraging the Particle Device Cloud and cellular hardware, the team was able to build a mobile application, backend, hardware integration, in around a month. With Particle, Shared has the reliable cellular partner they need to build sustainable transportation solutions in record time.

To learn more about Shared Technology and the City of Portland’s trailblazing micromobility work be sure to watch the video above.