Device Cloud

A secure, scalable, and reliable cloud platform to manage your fleet of IoT devices

Manage your fleet of devices

Device Cloud is built to work with Particle Devices and Particle Devices are pre-configured to communicate with Device Cloud. It's a seamless integration to help keep you moving fast and focused on what matters — your product.

Device Cloud gives you intuitive and powerful device management features that just work. You can use either the Device Console or Rest API to use these tools to oversee your IoT deployment.

  • Device registry

    Organize and query devices in your fleet

  • Event logs

    See what's happening with devices in real time

  • Device groups

    Segment your fleet for more granular control

  • SIM management

    Change SIM state and manage data usage

  • Access controls

    Manage who has access to your devices

  • Diagnostics

    Actively monitor the health of your devices

Send firmware updates wirelessly

Device Cloud provides the infrastructure you need to update your devices wirelessly. With OTA firmware updates, quickly send new features to your remote devices and control which ones get updates, all with a click of a button.

Your IoT Product, Now With Fully Managed Connectivity

  • Always connected

    Get online and stay online. Device Cloud manages connections via Wi-Fi, cellular, and mesh networks out of the box.

  • Secure by default

    Every message sent through Device Cloud is encrypted and secure. No plaintext allowed.

  • Scale infinitely

    Device Cloud is reliable and performant, giving you the confidence to continue growing your fleet at will

A full suite of developer tools

Device Cloud is not only a complete cloud solution, but also comes with Particle's suite of developer tools:

  • Device Console — Remotely monitor and manage your devices at scale
  • Web & Desktop IDE — Develop and deploy code from anywhere
  • Particle’s SDKs — Write mobile and web apps to interact with your devices
  • Particle’s RESTful API — Send commands through REST interfaces

Learn more about Particle's Complete Suite of Developer Tools →

IoT Data, In Your Business Tools

Your business already relies on dozen of services to operate effectively. Device Cloud supports integrations so you can seamlessly connect device data with the tools your business relies on, saving you time and money.

Ready to use Device Cloud?

Device Cloud automatically comes with all of Particle's connectivity hardware. Building a fleet of devices? Check out our pricing.