Device OS

Particle’s lightweight operating system for embedded IoT devices.

Send and receive data with one line of code

Device OS allows you to easily create logic to control your devices

Device OS features an easy-to-use programming framework to help you write applications that run on your devices.

With one line of code you'll be securely sending messages to the web.

There are four main communication primitives you use to talk to the web through the Device Cloud.

  • Call a function

    Tell your device to take an action remotely

  • Retrieve a variable

    Read the value of a sensor remotely

  • Publish events

    Send a message to the Device Cloud

  • Subscribe to events

    Listen for messages from the Device Cloud

Complete Hardware Abstraction

A unified interface to your IoT hardware, regardless of which Particle device you choose

  • Focus on your product

    Device OS manages the low-level interactions with your hardware so you can focus your engineering time on what makes your IoT product unique.

  • Transition seamlessly to production

    Use the same device app when switching from a development kit to a production module, saving you critical time at all stages of development.

Over-the-air firmware updates are built in

No more worrying about bricking a device; Device OS was built to make OTA software updates painless. Updates are small (as little as 3KB), fast (seconds), and reliable; if your device is interrupted during a wireless update, it reverts to its previous state. Easily send new features to your remote devices and control which ones get updates, all with a click of a button.

Secure by Default

Rest assured that your IoT devices are safe and well protected

  • Hardware keys

    Each device is given its own private key, so unauthorized hardware can't sneak into your fleet.

  • Encrypted communications

    Every message sent through Particle is encrypted and secure. No plaintext allowed.

  • Minimal attack vectors

    Device OS is lightweight and runs on bare-metal microcontrollers, which minimizes attack vectors and makes it safer by default.

  • Always monitored

    Don’t worry about your operating system being compromised. The Particle team regularly introduces new security patches to Device OS over the air.

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