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LTE Modules and Dev Kits for Cellular IoT Products

Incorporate cellular connectivity into your products with the Particle B SoM and Boron modules and dev boards. They’re easy to integrate, extensible, optimized for exploration and scale, and are Supply Secure so you never have to worry about availability.

Now with added Verizon support for US customers

Now with added Verizon support for US customers

The One Cellular IoT Platform To Take You from Prototype to Production Quickly & Reliably

Both the B-SoM and Boron put Particle integrated IoT Platform-as-a-Service in your hands. They provide reliable cellular connectivity for a wide range of use cases, like moving assets, remotely deployed assets, and products that need backup connectivity.

Boron 404X

Boron - Cellular-Enabled Development Board

Make IoT evaluation, development and iteration simple and easy. The Boron 404X features:

  • Breadboard-friendly prototyping by leveraging the open source feather form factor, making it plug-play compatible with hundreds of accessories, peripherals, and sensors.
  • Built-in battery charging circuitry to easily connect a Li-Po and deploy local networks in minutes.
  • 20 mixed signal GPIOs to easily interface with sensors, actuators, and other electronics.

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B-SoM - A Production-Ready Cellular Module

Easily transition from prototype to production with an enterprise-grade System-on-Module that features:

  • M.2 form factor for flexible component placement & cost-effective, minimal hardware integration.
  • Fully-certified design (FCC / CE / IC / GCF) out of the box to support industrial deployments.
  • Embedded EtherSIM that automatically selects the best LTE networks globally across 350+ carriers and resists vibration, corrosion, and mechanical failure due to its inbuilt nature.

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Full-Stack Cellular IoT

Like all of our devices, the B-SoM and Boron come pre-integrated with the full capabilities of the Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service. As soon as you turn them on, you’ll have out-of-the-box connectivity, simplified application development, OTA software updates, and more.

Particle IoT Platform - Short - Devices

Explore IoT for Free

Once you order your Boron development kit, you can sign up for a full-featured development sandbox that gives you full access to the Particle Platform-as-a-Service. The free plan includes cellular data and support for up to 100 devices.

IoT Device Management interfaces

Simple Integrations for Custom Applications

The Boron’s open source feather form factor makes it plug-and-play compatible with hundreds of accessories and peripherals. Its 20 mixed-signal GPIOs allow you to easily interface with batteries, sensors, actuators, and other electronics.

The B SoM is simple to integrate into any design thanks to its M.2 footprint, about the size of a postage stamp. Its compact and standardized design makes hardware integration easy, requires minimal external components, and fits into even the smallest products.

Connectivity That Just Works

We manage everything from carrier relationships to SIM cards for you, so you can connect instantly from the moment you turn on your devices. Test, iterate, and scale no matter your deployment region with access to over 350 top-tier carriers enabled globally with automatic carrier switching, support for remote profile updates, and new carriers as Particle expands its carrier relationships around the world.

Connectivity by Cell Region

Managed Connectivity Services

Get access to all premium pre-integrated services like SIM management, multi-path networking support, IP navigation, connectivity health logging & diagnostics, outage detection, 24/7 incident management, and long-term support guarantees from day 1 with the Particle Connectivity stack.

Particle EtherSIM

Order a B SoM or Boron Today and See How Easy it is to Build Cellular-Connected Products with Particle

Deploying in North America? Purchase the Boron 404X for prototyping and 404X SoM for scaling. Deploying outside North America? Request the B524 SoM for scaling.