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Smart forklift rental tracking solutions

Gain real time forklift insights with the Particle Tracking System

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The Particle IoT platform is trusted by organizations worldwide

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Over the last decade, asset tracking software has helped established construction companies keep track of essential equipment and improve operational efficiency. While industry specific heavy equipment solutions have historically been filled with basic “offthe-shelf” trackers with capabilities limited to location tracking and mapping, Particle’s next-generation Tracking System enables companies to track every aspect of their heavy equipment. In this guide, we will detail the benefits of asset tracking software for heavy equipment and explain how the Particle Tracking System enables companies to gain even more insight about their heavy equipment from afar.

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Tracking forklifts is hard. We make it easy.

  • Monitor and track everything

    Track critical forklift data including real-time location, historical location, motion, temperature, and sound

  • Built for Rapid Deployment and Customization

    Deploy your way with field-ready and customizable asset tracking devices

  • Advanced Configuration

    Reconfigure your tracking devices without writing code; press one button to reconfigure your devices

  • Built on the Particle IoT Platform

    A secure, robust, reliable infrastructure to build and manage your tracking solution

Track your forklifts in realtime

The Particle Tracking System comes pre-packaged with the features you need to monitor your assets at scale:

Realtime geolocation mapping

Monitor asset location in real-time with geolocation mapping services.

Historical location tracking

Track asset history to suggest optimal routes or increase accuracy of information needed for business intelligence.

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Track everything about your forklifts with asset tracking+

Every business has a unique thing they need to track; and with the Particle Tracking System, you can track it.

The Particle Tracking System is designed to integrate with any external sensor, enabling your business to track asset location, along with any additional variable such as temperature, sound, motion, air quality, and more.

An image of a forklift connected to a mobile interface

Advanced OTA Configuration Services, No Coding Required

Customize data publishing rates or setup motion detection alerts with ease

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