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IoT Network Connectivity Made Simple

IoT network solutions to connect your product to the Internet over cellular, Wi-Fi, NFC, or BLE


Whether you’re connecting one or a million devices, we’ve got you covered. Particle provides LTE cellular coverage in over 150 countries using a comprehensive network of carriers.

Particle’s x-factor was their teams ability to quickly understand our business and be an active participant in driving our strategy and technical implementation.
Larry Ovalle
Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth at Jacuzzi

Connectivity that works out of the box

Networking, protocols, security, and even SIM cards are built in

Don't waste your time building your own network stack. Communication protocols, encryption, and access to our Device Cloud are built into the Device OS. If you're building a cellular product, we provide SIM cards and data plans; no messy carrier negotiations required.

More Megabytes for Less

3MB of data is included for every Particle cellular device each month as part of your subscription to Device Cloud.

Need more data? Additional megabytes start at just $0.40/MB. Use the country picker to explore rates for extra MBs around the world.

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Low Energy Device-to-Device Communication

Explore Bluetooth Low Energy 5 and NFC APIs

Build applications that interact short-range with mobile devices, off-the-shelf BLE devices, and other Particle BLE accessories. Available now on the Argon (Wi-Fi) and the Boron (3G and LTE).

Ready to build your IoT product?

Pick up a developer kit from our hardware store to get started, or get in touch.