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May 18th - 19th 2022
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IoT platform


Eliminate the need to invest in 20+ IoT vendors and shorten your time to market with one edge-to-cloud IoT platform

Trusted by companies who are leading by innovation

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A platform that dramatically simplifies IoT implementation

We’ve done all the hard infrastructure work for you so you can focus on your IoT product

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Integrated hardware designed to make getting online easy

Quickly build powerful edge solutions with pre-integrated and pre-certified hardware

Scale from prototype to production

Get your first device up and running in minutes with our easy-to-use, open source hardware development kits or use our field ready, industrial grade hardware modules for deployments of scale.

Manage your fleet of devices easily

Our Device Cloud is built to work with Particle Devices and Particle Devices are pre-configured to communicate with Device Cloud. It's a seamless integration to help keep you moving fast and focused on what matters — your product.

Particle's suite of IoT hardware

An operating system that abstracts IoT complexity for you

Device OS is a powerful operating system that runs on all Particle devices — handling all firmware, hardware, and network connectivity

Create logic with one line of code

Device OS allows you to easily create logic to control your devices on in the field. Send and receive data, call a function, publish events, all with just one line of code.

Focus on your product

Device OS manages the low-level interactions with your hardware so you can focus your engineering time on what makes your IoT product unique.

A scooter being unlocked via a cloud API
A global map that shows where Particle provides IoT cellular coverage

IoT connectivity that works out of the box

Don't waste your time building your own network stack. Communication protocols, encryption, and negotiations are already taken care of

Global IoT connectivity

Particle provides Wi-Fi, Cellular, and BLE solutions, along with LTE cellular coverage in over 150 countries

Seamless scalability

All Particle data services are pre-integrated into our edge-to-cloud solution, enabling you to scale and manage your fleet easily

Configurable data plans

Our platform is designed so you can activate, monitor, and reduce your data plan from a single interface

Reliable Cloud Infrastructure That We Monitor For You

Highly available and performant

Our Device Cloud is a highly distributed system capable of supporting millions of simultaneous device connections, with pre-built auto-scaling and redundant cloud infrastructure aimed to keep devices online at all times.

World class cloud support

We constantly monitor our cloud infrastructure for you to make sure it is operating as expected, meaning your team can focus on building your IoT product.

How the Particle IoT platform monitors our cloud infrastructure

Best-in-Class Edge to Cloud Security

Particle provides built-in IoT security across the stack

Device security

Every Particle Device uses an encrypted connection to the Particle Device cloud, authenticated with public key infrastructure eliminating the need for local passwords or open ports.

Internal security

If it moves in our environment, we make sure you know about it. We do this through an open event logging framework that allows you and your team to get an instant overview of how a given device is operating.

User privacy

As a matter of policy, Particle intentionally limits the scope of user-data stored in the Device Cloud. We do not store any personally identifiable information or data that could be used to compromise products or customers in the Device Cloud.

A diagram that shows off how Particle IoT platform security infrastructure works.

Getting started is easy

Start building your prototype with a development kit from our store or contact our team of IoT experts to help you launch your next product