The all-new E SoM, with LTE connectivity designed for enterprise IoT applications

Future proof your products with LTE

If you’re building an IoT product, you should know most US carriers are no longer accepting 2G or 3G device certifications as early as June 2018. Which is why the newly updated E SoM comes with LTE Cat-M1 that is designed for sensors. It consumes less power, and supports everything from water meters to asset trackers.

With the newly updated E SoM, connect your devices knowing your cellular coverage won’t be disrupted for the next 10+ years.

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All the hardware you need for cellular IoT

Particle's E SoM modules include all the key hardware you need to build an IoT product:

  • Powerful ARM Cortex MCU

    120MHz core with ample GPIO, 1MB Flash, and 256KB RAM provides generous resources to support a wide variety of IoT applications.

  • Best-in-class cellular radio

    Choose between E SoM variants that integrate industry leading u-blox 2G, 3G, and LTE M1/NB1 radios.

  • External flash

    Integrated external flash which can be used for storage of sensor data or redundant application backups.

  • Battery management PMIC

    Highly intelligent power management system supports both rechargeable and single-use batteries.

Seamless transition to scale

The E SoM builds on the Electron, our cellular prototyping kit, to provide a clear hardware scaling path from prototype to production.

The Electron and E SoM modules run the same code and have the same hardware peripherals, so transitioning to scale is as simple as replacing the Electron in your prototype with an E SoM module on your PCB.

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Designed for Reliability

The E SoM is designed for scale and complies with industry standards:

  • • Surface-mountable design that accelerates PCB assembly
  • • An embedded sim card that resists corrosion and mechanical failure
  • • Extended operational temperature range from -20 to 85C for hostile environments
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All E SoM modules come with the most common wireless and cellular certifications:

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    PTCRB Certified

    PTCRB is required for nearly all cellular-connected products, but the E SoM comes with this pre-packaged.

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    FCC / CE / IC / GCF

    Leverage Particle’s existing certifications to significantly decrease the cost and complexity of mandatory approvals.

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    RoHS compliant

    All our products are RoHS compliant and ready for distribution around the World.

More than just hardware

When you scale your IoT solution with Particle, you get more than just a hardware solution. All E SoM modules integrate with Particle's Device Cloud, development tools, and device management console and are supported by the World's largest IoT development community.

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The Electron Family

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    Electron development kit

    • Ships with Particle Device OS and Device Cloud support
    • Breadboard-friendly with RGB status LED for rapid prototyping

    See the full datasheet

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    E SoM evaluation board

    • Ships with Particle Device OS and Device Cloud support
    • Fully expanded hardware and peripheral access for evaluating E SoM modules

    See the full datasheet

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    E SoM modules

    • Ships with Particle Device OS and Device Cloud support
    • Ships in manufacturing ready trays (50 units per tray)

    Product overview | datasheet

How can the E SoM help my business?

Start building prototypes with the evaluation kit, or talk to our team of IoT experts about the E SoM.