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June 21, 2023

Particle MVP Program

A community of IoT experts

What is the Particle MVP Program?

The Particle MVP Program is a global network of experienced IoT experts, influencers and thought leaders who support fellow developers, companies and communities around the world by speaking at events, sharing projects and best practices, and providing guidance in the Particle community forum.

These individuals actively support IoT developers and startups, helping them solve real problems with the IoT.

Particle IoT Workshop

Why join?

As a Particle MVP, you’ll get access to a number of benefits that help you expand your reach and deepen your impact in the IoT.

  • Recognition by Particle

    All Particle MVPS are featured on a directory page and are recognizable in the Particle community forum

  • Access to Particle Team

    Members have direct access to Particle teams, and are invited to participate in exclusive discussions and beta programs.

  • Global network of IoT professionals

    Experts are invited to join a private mailing list and Slack channel designed to help program members share learning experiences, best practices and support one another.

  • Opportunities to represent Particle

    MVPs will have the opportunity to speak on Particle’s behalf at meetups, conferences, and will get priority invitations to Particle events.

A global network of experienced IoT experts

  • The Particle MVP program is incredible

    Gustavo Gonnet


  • ea82d2b8

    Andreas Rothenwänder


  • Jared Wolff

    Jared Wolff


  • Nathan Robinson

    Nathan Robinson


  • An image of William Steen

    William Steen

    United Kingdom

  • 939099bd

    Paul Kourany


  • Niels Jerichau Clausen

    Niels Jerichau Clausen


  • Kevin McQuown

    Kevin McQuown


  • Hirotaka Niisato

    Hirotaka Niisato


  • Charles McClelland

    Charles McClelland

    North Carolina

  • Andy Warner

    Andy Warner


  • Jordy Moors

    Jordy Moors

    The Netherlands

How can I become an MVP?

How can I become an MVP?

To join the program, you need to be referred by a Particle employee or an existing Particle MVP. If you are interested, reach out to one of these individuals to express your interest in the program, and discuss eligibility.

Contact a Particle MVP

Organizing an event in your community and looking for a Particle expert to speak? Simply fill out this form and someone from the team will get back to you.

More questions? Read our FAQ here