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Particle MVPs

Celebrating community experts who lead, guide, and innovate

What do Particle MVPs do?

Particle MVPs are the pillars of our community. They go above and beyond to support and enrich the Particle ecosystem in various ways. This includes answering community queries, crafting insightful Particle tutorials, leading user groups, mentoring developers, and developing valuable Particle libraries. Their efforts don't just help others; they shape the very foundation of our community.


Meet our MVPs

Join us in celebrating the exceptional individuals who are not just part of our community but are leading it forward. These MVPs have shown outstanding commitment and expertise in the world of Particle.

  • Brian Ogilvie

    Brian Ogilvie


  • Charles McClelland

    Charles McClelland

    North Carolina

  • Gustavo Gonnet

    Gustavo Gonnet


  • Jordy Moors

    Jordy Moors

    The Netherlands

  • Kevin McQuown

    Kevin McQuown


  • Jeff Skarda

    Jeff Skarda


  • Nathan Robinson

    Nate Robinson


  • 939099bd

    Paul Kourany


  • ea82d2b8

    Andy Rothenwänder


  • Garrett Bartley

    Garrett Bartley


  • Friedl Basson

    Friedl Basson

    South Africa

  • Brian Rashap

    Brian Rashap

    New Mexico

Perks of being a Particle MVP

As a Particle MVP, you're not just recognized; you're rewarded. Here's what our MVPs enjoy:

  • Recognition:

    Your efforts are celebrated across the Particle community.

  • Free hardware:

    Get the latest Particle gadgets at no cost.

  • Early access:

    Be the first to try out beta programs.

  • Swag and discounts:

    Enjoy exclusive Particle merchandise and discounts.

  • Influence:

    Have a say in Particle's product development.

  • Maker space memberships:

    Gain access to maker spaces to bring your ideas to life.

  • Exclusive training/events:

    Specialized training sessions and unique events just for you.

  • MVP summit:

    An exclusive gathering for MVPs to connect, share, and learn.

Become a Particle MVP

Interested in joining the ranks of Particle MVPs? Here's how you can apply or be nominated:

MVP applications and nominations criteria

  • Community participation: We value active engagement - be it answering forum questions, participating in discussions, or providing constructive feedback.
  • Content creation: Share your knowledge through hackster projects, blog posts, videos, and more.
  • Expertise demonstration: Show your skills and knowledge, whether it's through creating libraries, offering expert advice, or speaking about Particle.

MVP applications and nominations processes

  • Application process: Ready to apply? Fill out our straightforward online form and let us know about your contributions to the Particle community.
  • Application review: Our committee, including Particle staff and current MVPs, regularly reviews applications.
  • Nominations: Know someone perfect for MVP? Nominate them! Community nominations help us recognize hidden gems in our midst.
  • Nomination review: Our committee evaluates nominations based on the nominee's contributions and impact.