Over-the-air software updates

Continuously improve your connected product

Add features, fix bugs, and tweak product behavior even after you’ve shipped to customers

A diagram that shows how you can use Particle to send OTA software updates to connected devices.

Send intelligent software updates wirelessly

Particle provides advanced and customized tools to update your devices wirelessly

  • Easy to Update

    Push regular Over-The-Air updates to all your devices without interrupting your users' experience or bricking your devices.

  • Respond to security issues

    Fix software bugs or send security patches to your devices after they are deployed

  • Avoid device disruption

    If your update is interrupted, your device will automatically revert to the previous version of working software

A laptop sending an over the air software update to devices around the world

Deliver fleetwide software updates to your connected products

Avoid complexity by managing software across your diverse fleet of devices from a seamless and unified interface

Continuous delivery

Augment scalability by adding new features wirelessly to your products even after they are deployed.

Immediate releases

Particle enables you to push OTA updates reliably and securely to a subset or the entirety of your fleet, in minutes or hours.

Immediately respond to security vulnerabilities

Bugs and product behavior can be continuously improved even after the product is in the hands of your consumers.

A laptop sending a secure OTA software update to a truck to fix resolve security vulnerabilities

Avoid device disruption and bricking

Leverage Particle’s context aware and secure OTA functionality to ensure devices performing critical actions are not disrupted. For instance, if an update interrupted your device will automatically revert to the previous version of working firmware.

Particle OTA software updates are context-aware and doesn't disrupt busy devices

OTA Software Updates Resources

Discover how you can leverage OTA software updates to build best-in-class connected products

Getting started is easy

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