Particle Cloud

Particle provides free access to Particle Cloud for prototyping.

Paid tiers of Particle Cloud start when you create a product with more than 25 devices.

Team members
Device groups
Guaranteed Uptime
25 devices
250K events/mo
$79 per month,
billed annually
$89 billed monthly
250 devices
2.5MM events/mo
$249 per month,
billed annually
$279 billed monthly
1K devices
10MM events/mo
1 business day
$1,799 per month,
billed annually
$1,999 billed monthly
10K devices
100MM events/mo
4 business hours
Dedicated CSM

And all plans include:

Software development tools
Encrypted communications
Device management console
Webhooks and integrations
Real-time event stream
Over-the-air software updates
OAuth client management
Customer management

Contact us about:

Audit logs
Customized rate limiting
Private cloud
Fine-grained access controls
Data storage
Professional services

Cellular Data

Carrier: T-Mobile and AT&T
Number of SIMs/devices

Monthly fee
Includes first megabyte

Price per Megabyte

Less than 100

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a product?

A product is something that you define in the Particle Console when you are ready to start working with powerful fleet management features. Products allow you to group your devices, manage firmware versions, release firmware to some/all devices associated with a product, setup webhooks for specific product groups, setup other integrations for specific product groups, manage customer and team access controls, and more.

What's a device?

A device is a single unit with a connection to the Particle Cloud. Generally, these consist of Cores, Photons, P1s, P0s, and Electrons, but could include any of the compounds built on our platform, or any custom hardware you’ve built that is running the Particle firmware stack for connectivity.

What's an event?

An event is any single outbound message from your fleet that exits the Particle Cloud. For example, this could include a Particle.publish() call on a device that triggers a webhook, an integration such as IFTTT, or a server-sent event (SSE).

The following events will not count toward your event threshold:

  • Particle.function() calls
  • Particle.variable() checks
  • Any Publish events that remain wholly within the Particle cloud

What's a team member?

A team member is anyone with a login to the Console at The Console is where you can access Particle’s product creator features. (You can also access it at as before).

When will I receive a bill?

You'll be billed at the beginning of every month for the following month's service and for any overages in the previous month for cellular.

What happens if I go over my event limit?

You will receive an email notification if you are approaching your event limit so that you can upgrade your plan. If you do not upgrade, your events will not be transmitted for the remainder of the month once you hit your cap. When your next billing month starts, your integrations and webhooks will be reactivated.

How do you measure your Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

At higher price tiers, we guarantee an uptime of 99.9% or more. We define uptime as the percentage of time that messages sent through Particle Cloud from mobile or web apps to online devices or from online devices to mobile or web apps are successfully relayed. Note that devices that are unable to connect to Particle Cloud for reasons outside of our control are not considered downtime.

I’m a developer / maker, and I am not creating a product; what does this mean for me? ​

Regardless of the quantity of dev kits you’ve purchased or deployed, these prices will not apply to you unless you specifically choose to group your devices together as a ‘product’ in the Particle Console. If you do not create a ‘product’, then your devices will continue to have Particle Cloud access, as always, with no additional platform fees.

What happens when you reach the maximum number of devices for a given tier?

When you hit a given threshold of devices, you can choose to upgrade to the new tier, or else stay at the current tier. If you have reached the limit of devices for that tier, your existing devices will be unaffected, but you will not be able to add any more devices until you upgrade. You will receive a clear notification when you attempt to exceed a device threshold.

What happens when I reach the maximum number of events for a given tier?

When you hit a given threshold of events, you can choose to upgrade to the new tier, or else stay at the current tier. If you reach the limit of events for that tier, any events that exceed the threshold will be blocked for that month, but all events below the threshold will be unaffected. We will send you a clear notification before, and when, you reach the event threshold.

What happens when I reach five team members on the Prototype (Free) Tier?

The Free tier lets you have up to five team members, per product, with access to the Particle Console. If you would like to add more, you will need to upgrade to the next tier.
All tiers beyond the Free tier let you have unlimited numbers of team members.

Does this price plan affect Wi-Fi devices and cellular devices differently?

No. This price applies to our professional product creator software platform, regardless of wifi or cellular device. Cellular data will continue to be billed separately, and our hardware pricing continues to be separate as well.

How is my cellular bill calculated?

Your cellular bill is the sum of the monthly fees for each of your active SIMs plus the overage fees for each device (charged per megabyte).

How do I keep from having a runaway cellular bill?

In the Particle Console you can set data limits for each device. By default, they are set to 5MB per month. This limit can be increased or decreased for each device.

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