Cellular Hardware

The Electron family allows you to build IoT products that connect to the Internet via Cellular

Small and Powerful Cellular connected microcontroller

The Particle Electron family pairs industry leading u-blox GSM and LTE modules with a powerful STM32 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller. Join the thousands of companies building cellular connected IoT products with the Electron family today.

End-to-End Cellular IoT Platform

Particle’s cellular IoT platform includes prototyping hardware, mass production modules, SIM cards, a global cellular network for connectivity in 100+ countries, and cloud services required to scale your product from first prototype to mass production.

Global Cellular Coverage

Particle’s Electron family works with Particle’s Cellular IoT SIMs to provide 2G/3G/LTE connectivity at affordable prices for IoT devices around the World. Particle’s SIM supports connectivity in 100+ countries today.

Hardware That Scales From Prototype to Production

Electron family hardware is available in multiple form factors and ensures a smooth transition from prototype to production. The Electron is a development kit optimized for prototyping while our surface mountable E-Series modules are manufacturing ready and optimized for reliability at scale.

The Electron Family

Simple Setup and Development

All Electron family products can be setup in minutes using Particle’s mobile app or browser-based setup tools. Guided tutorials, example projects, and community-contributed firmware libraries make it easy to build your IoT application at any skill level. Easily troubleshoot bugs and issues with the help of free email support, professional development services, and our friendly online community of customers.

Developer tools designed for IoT

Particle provides everything you need to deploy an IoT product

  • Device Console

  • IDEs

  • CLI

  • SDK


  • Libraries

  • RESTful API

Device Cloud provides a toolkit to Manage Your Fleet

Take advantage of a complete set of software tools to manage your IoT deployment. Roll out fleet-wide firmware updates, manage data usage, diagnose connectivity issues, and live-stream data generated by your fleet all using the Device Cloud.

Technical Specs

Cellular specs

  • u-blox SARA modules for cellular connectivity
  • LTE: SARA-R410M-02B
  • 3G: SARA-U201/U260/U270
  • 2G: SARA-G350

Microcontroller specs

  • STM32F205 120MHz ARM Cortex M3
  • 1MB Flash
  • 128KB RAM
  • 30 mix-signal GPIO and advanced peripherals

Other specs

  • FCC/CE/IC/TELEC/PTCRB Certifications
  • Power management and on-board Li-Po charging
  • Open source hardware and firmware

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