Cellular IoT SIMs

Connect your IoT device to the web with cellular

Particle’s IoT SIM makes building and delivering your cellular connected product or solution fast, easy, and affordable. Particle’s SIM has affordable data plans for low-bandwidth devices, provides reliable worldwide service in over 100 countries, and works with Particle’s byte-optimized messaging protocol to save money for both you and your customers.

One SIM, Global Service

The Particle SIM leverages a comprehensive network of carriers to provide service in over 100 countries out of the box. Activate, pause, and set usage limits for your SIMs, all using the Particle SIM Management Console.

Optimized to Use Less Data

Don't waste your bandwidth — Particle's communication protocol for cellular devices was designed to make the most of every byte on your M2M data plan. A fully encrypted message can use as little as 50 bytes, or approximately 60x less data than a typical HTTPS request.

Low cost data plans

Skip the carrier negotiations and NDAs; we give you affordable rates with transparent pricing.

No contracts

Particle IoT SIMs are pay-as-you-go, so you only get charged for the data you actually need.

Suspend Service

Suspend or pause your service at any time with the click of a button.

Volume pricing

Particle's IoT SIM gets even cheaper at volume. Contact sales for flexible pricing options.

Fully Integrated IoT Platform

Focus on building your product. Particle's Cellular IoT SIM integrates with the Particle Electron and Particle Cloud to provide a comprehensive cellular IoT ecosystem that includes hardware, carriers, SIM management, billing, messaging, and security.

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Use Cases

Receive Payments

Send and receive point of sale payments on the go. No Wi-Fi required.

Control watering

Automatically deactivate your sprinklers the night before a big storm.

Locate a bike

Add effortless asset tracking to any of your vehicles or possessions.

Reorder supplies

Automatically order more laundry pods when you run your last load.

Track air quality

Monitor hyper-localized air quality information whether you're at home or on the go.

Control a pump

Deactivate your pump or actuator when a water leak is detected.

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