Device Management Console

Manage and improve your fleet of connected products

The Particle Device Management Console is your product's command center. It allows your team to manage firmware running on your devices, collect and analyze product data, and manage team permissions from a single administrative interface.

Improve product software wirelessly

The Particle Console lets you manage the software running on your fleet of devices. You can push updates that fix errors, improve functionality, or add features. Roll-out tools are included so you can confidently deploy updates and roll back to old versions if needed.

Connect devices to web services

Web integrations extend the capabilities of the Particle Cloud to other services. Examples include web hooks for communication, event triggers such as IFTTT, and data storage, analysis and visualization tools. The opportunities here are endless, and they let you scale your business offerings with near-zero development time or friction.

Gain insights into device fleets

IoT products generate valuable data that you can use to monitor trends and improve the quality of your products. The Particle Console's real-time device logs give your product and support teams instant feedback on the performance of your products and how your customers are engaging with them.

Create distinct products

As your IoT business grows, you will likely branch out to offering multiple versions of a product, or entirely new product types. The Particle Console supports this easily by letting you define and manage products. Data coming off of each product is seperate for analysis, business intelligence, and customer success.

Protect your business

Access control is critical to the security and scalability of your business. With configurable permissions, you can control which people on your team can view, change, or execute certain management functions. This helps you segment your products, devices, and customers according to your business, support, and security needs.

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