The Particle Cloud

Empower your team to create amazing
IoT products in a fraction of the time.

The Particle Cloud is the powerful centerpiece of the Particle platform, handling many of the most complex pieces of creating an IoT product. From robust security, to reliable infrastructure, to a flexible integrations system, the Particle Cloud has everything you need to move quickly and succeed.

Secure by Design

Protecting your devices, customers, and business as a whole in a connected world is of the utmost importance, and we understand that. Rest assured that your IoT product will benefit from industry-leading security practices from your first prototype to the millionth device in the field. And it all works out-of-the-box, without any additional effort needed from your team.


Particle devices use "bare metal" microcontrollers (MCUs) that minimize attack vectors that are often unknowingly exposed by system on a chip (SoC) devices that run full operating systems.


All messages between devices and the Particle Cloud are protected by strong encryption and anomaly detection by default. Frequent identity checks and fast-rotating session keys help mitigate man-in-the-middle attacks.


Traffic to Particle's API is intelligently load balanced to mitigate brute-force attacks. In addition, every Particle server sits behind a strictly firewalled private network with intrusion detection to avoid unauthorized access.

Highly Available & Performant

Uptime and performance is critical to the success of an IoT product in today’s world of heightened expectations of technology. The Particle Cloud has been built from the ground up to keep your devices online and responding quickly, at any scale.

The Particle Cloud is a highly distributed system capable of supporting millions of simultaneous device connections, with auto-scaling and redundant cloud infrastructure aimed to keep devices online at all times. Let’s not forget about performance: our cloud has been optimized for speed and efficiency, resulting in round-trip latency times measured in tenths of a second to ensure a real-time user experience.

Treat Hardware like Software

The Particle Cloud makes it easy to control your fleet of devices with tools your technical team is already comfortable with. This helps reduce development complexity, time-to-market, and device management overhead.


Particle's API makes it easy to programmatically interact with devices in the field. Send commands, check device state and more, through REST interfaces that engineers are already comfortable using.

Wireless Firmware Updates

Seamlessly send a firmware update to devices with a click of a button, delivered over-the-air. Fix bugs in the field, or offer a new set of features to existing devices, entirely sent wirelessly.

Real-time event streams

Get visibility into how your fleet of devices are behaving in the field via real-time event streams. Easily segment access to groups of devices for service contractors and distributors.

Send Device Data Anywhere

You already use dozens of services your business relies on to operate effectively. The Particle Cloud supports Integrations to allow you to seamlessly connect device data with the tools your business relies on, saving you time and money.

Run device data through machine-learning algorithms in Google Cloud Platform. Send push notifications based on device behavior in Microsoft Azure. Or use Webhooks to store device diagnostics in your in-house database. It’s all possible with Integrations, a flexible and secure data pipeline that allows you to funnel your data anywhere you need it to go.

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