Announcing: Particle B Series - LTE Modules and Dev Kits

Announcing: Particle B SoM - LTE Modules and Dev Boards for Cellular IoT Development

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How IoT is modernizing the transportation and logistics industry

How IoT is modernizing the transportation and logistics industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most comprehensive solutions for modernizing services and operations in the transportation and logistics industry. In fact, experts project that IoT technologies will have a $1.9 trillion impact on the industry. With so much opportunity, it makes sense that so many companies are looking to connect their assets and enter the IoT arena.

Why has IoT generated such a profound impact? IoT technologies enable enterprises to monitor their assets more effectively, which helps them make better decisions and save money. With the right IoT solution in place, enterprises can connect their operations, allowing them to track their assets remotely, be alerted the moment something starts to go wrong, and gain real-time visibility of their fleet management systems. To illustrate this impact, this paper will outline how IoT technologies have transformed inventory, logistics, and more in the transportation industry. This paper will also explain how Particle’s unique approach has helped clients develop effective IoT solutions that have transformed their fleet management systems.