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Scaling Your IoT Product: 3 Things To Get Right Before You Scale

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Scale Efficiently

Do you know the IoT scaling hurdles that lie ahead?

Join William Hart, Senior Director of Product at Particle, for a webinar that explains the best strategies and platform features you need to scale your IoT product efficiently without running into any expensive pitfalls.

Why should you watch?

  • Learn best practices on how to select the right IoT hardware, how to send software updates, and how to diagnose device issues at scale.
  • Discover common scaling IoT problems and how to overcome them with your team.
  • Get your scaling IoT questions answered from our team of IoT domain experts.

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About the speaker

William Hart

Senior Director of Product, Particle

William Hart is the Senior Director of Product at Particle where he leads product R&D, strategy, and overall implementation.

Since 2012, Will has advanced through multiple roles at Particle: from engineering, operations, to manufacturing, and most recently, product development.

Will has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Dartmouth College and a strong operational background in supply chain management and overseas manufacturing.

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