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Introducing the Particle Snowflake

Add twinkle and melody to your holiday decorations.

  • Embrace the holiday season with the Particle Snowflake! Taking the form of a snowflake, this Particle P2 WiFi module powered PCBA twinkles its LEDs to provide a seasonal light show. Use it as a tree topper, an ornament, or a standalone decoration with the right USB-C stand.

  • The Particle logo at the center doubles as a capacitive touch button and allows you to change up your experience as desired. An onboard speaker and microphone provides additional capabilities and potential for customization. Follow this guide to get your snowflake set up today, and modify it for your own magic.

Particle Snowflake front view

Read the guide below to get your snowflake set up today,
and modify it for your own magic.

Experience the magic

Out of the box, just plug the snowflake in to experience the glow of 36 vibrant RGB LEDs. Press the Particle logo to change the light patterns, or press and hold the logo to hear a seasonal tune!

  • To add more fun features, update your device using our online tool linked below.

    Follow the prompts to flash your snowflake with the latest firmware. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network and start your own customizations.

    Update my snowflake

Updating your snowflake unlocks an additional feature - say “sparkle” and see what happens!

Customize your snowflake.

The ways you can make the snowflake your own are endless, from special sparkling light shows to the holiday song that is near & dear to your heart… or even making it into a clock!

Optionally, connect an addressable RGB LED strip (not included) to the solder pads shown here and expand the light show!

Additionally, you can create your own sophisticated speech recognition, elevating your snowflake's interactivity. See our Edge Impulse tutorial on audio detection events for how you might go about this.

See all the design files & firmware binaries over on Github.

Snowflake LED Solder Pads

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