Solution Accelerator Program

Pre-built custom IoT solutions designed for rapid deployment

What is the Solution Accelerator Program?

The Particle Solution Accelerator Program provides field-ready, customizable IoT solutions for organizations looking to get to market quickly.

We have supported dozens of customers in building and deploying their IoT products. We provide you with domain experts and solutions that enable you to accomplish your IoT goals in as little as 2 months.

An engineer building an IoT product
"Particle’s x-factor was their team’s ability to quickly understand our business and be an active participant in driving our strategy and technical implementation."
Larry Ovalle
Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth at Jacuzzi

Why use the Solution Accelerator Program?

  • Deep expertise

    We have worked with companies across industries to build smart solutions that improve operations

  • Affordable

    Build a production solution at half the cost by utilizing components that are already pre-built and proven

  • Customization

    We work with you to understand what you are building and can adjust reference designs based on your needs

  • Accelerated deployment

    Particle solutions are already pre-built, which means you can get to market at scale in as little as 2 months*

Find the solution accelerator that is right for you

We provide a range of reference designs and solutions that are perfect for your use case

All reference designs and solutions we provide are designed for common commercial use cases. We currently support three immediately deployable common use cases: micromobility, freight monitoring, and cold chain monitoring.


Accelerate your deployments with a vehicle asset tracker designed to integrate into any electric scooter or ebike

  • Pre-configured to provide reliable and accurate realtime with GNSS and onboard dead-reckoning
  • Deep experience with CAN/vehicle integration for command and control of vehicle functions
  • Send new features and updates to onboard components with OTA firmware updates
  • Maintain full control of your data with customizable message payload and publish rate
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Freight Monitoring

Monitor your logistic operations with a low-powered asset tracker designed to monitor location in realtime:

  • Comes with an enclosure (IP67) that can be customized to fit palettes, packages, containers, etc
  • Optimized for low power, long battery life; 1+ year battery life under normal usage
  • Capture additional intelligence with sensors that detect motion, light, and share location
  • Maintain full control of your data with customizable message payload and publish rate
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Cold Chain Monitoring

Monitor your cold chain with pre-configured sensors that provide realtime information about your operations:

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, vehicle diagnostics, power, current acceleration, and impact
  • Pre-configured to support automated, proactive monitoring alerts
  • Maintain full control of your data with customizable message payload and publish rate