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Announcing: Particle B Series - LTE Modules and Dev Boards for Cellular IoT Development

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Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC for IoT

Wi-fi / LTE / 2G / 3G and Bluetooth 5 combo development boards built for IoT

Designed for low-power, optimized for data transfer

Leverage the benefits of short-range communications in your connected product

  • Save development time

    Particle's out-of the-box certifications and integrated cloud platform make it the most accessible and ready to scale.

  • Low power consumption

    Optimized for extended battery life, rapid transactions, and secure exchange of data

  • Reduce latency

    Minimize communications latency with instant 1:1 device communications

  • Robust connectivity

    Take advantage of concurrent wireless communications from LTE to Particle Mesh

Low Energy Device-to-Device Communication

Explore Bluetooth Low Energy 5 and NFC APIs

Build applications that interact short-range with mobile devices, off-the-shelf BLE devices, and other Particle BLE accessories. Available now on the Argon (Wi-Fi) and the Boron (3G and LTE).

IoT hardware connected to a laptop

Bluetooth and IoT in action

  • Improved customer experience

    Remove lengthy device handshakes and QR codes by enabling customers to pair devices easily over NFC and BLE

  • Retrofit legacy Bluetooth products

    Bring legacy products online without invasive development to extend life and functionality.

  • Instant diagnostics

    Allow service teams to quickly diagnose devices in the field with rapid transactional communications.

  • Beacon for promotions

    Broadcast special sales to notify customers who walk past your store and have your downloaded app.

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