Environmental Monitoring with Particle

Particle connects your field assets so you can monitor anything, anywhere.

Environmental Monitoring, Now With IoT

Environmental monitoring improves visibility, reduces costs, and gives you control

  • 100%

    Increased visibility

    Companies who implement environmental sensors can monitor field assets 24/7

  • 25%

    Reduced costs

    Monitoring and managing field assets remotely can reduce costs by 25%

  • 10%

    Improved ranged

    Companies who implement wireless remote sensors can increase monitoring range by 10%

Opti is using Particle to stop floods before they start

Opti’s smart drainage system proactively monitors weather forecasts and actuates drainage valves to minimize flooding in cities all around the United States.

With Particle’s cellular-connected hardware, Opti has the flexibility to install their smart drainage systems anywhere, saving cities and budgets in one fell swoop.

Environmental Applications

Connect your field assets to increase visibility and protect the environment

  • Precision Farming

    Monitor crop development remotely with intelligent smart meters that are connected to the Internet.

  • Inventory Management

    Measure tank volume or monitor grain and seed moisture with low-powered IoT sensors.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

    Monitor sound, motion, temperature, and more in remote locations to prevent natural disasters.

  • Air Pollution Monitoring

    Gather data on air pollutants and humidity by deploying sensors in remote field locations

The Particle Approach to Environmental Monitoring

Particle provides everything you need (from device to cloud) to develop and integrate an IoT solution for your environmental monitoring needs.

Our product and services include connectivity hardware to get your solution connected to the internet, communication protocols that work out of the box, and cloud software to manage your fleet of devices

Don’t take it from us though. There are 180,000 developers around the world using Particle’s platform and 8,500 companies launching products powered by Particle.

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