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Announcing: Particle B Series - LTE Modules and Dev Boards for Cellular IoT Development

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Secure Cellular Connected Heat Exchanger Solutions

Gain real time heat exchanger insights with the Particle HVAC IoT Suite

A secure cellular connected heat exchanger


The Particle IoT platform is trusted by organizations worldwide

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Everything you need to manage your heat exchangers

The Particle HVAC Suite enables you to gain realtime heat exchanger intelligence

  • Monitor heat exchanger performance

    Connect your heat exchangers to the Internet so you can monitor performance, identify trends, and diagnose problems

  • Enable predictive maintenance

    Prevent failures before they happen. Receive automatic alerts the second tube leaks or other issues occur

  • Improve operations

    Improve heat exchanger efficiency, reliability, and safety by collecting data on operations and making improvements

An Intelligent heat exchanger solution

Particle provides everything you need to connect your heat exchangers to the Internet with our HVAC suite.

  • Connectivity hardware — Connect your heat exchangers to the Internet with our easy-to-use connectivity hardware modules (Wi-Fi and Cellular).
  • Device fleet software — Manage your heat exchangers wirelessly with our full suite of device management tools.
  • Connectivity infrastructure — Particle provides the SIM cards and data plans to connect your heat exchangers to the Internet easily.


  • Real-Time Alerting

    Route critical alerts straight to your business apps when important events happen in the physical world

  • Asset Tracking

    Leverage our tracking services to easily store and retrieve geolocation data to and from our cloud for configurable mapping, and reporting services

  • Data Management

    Process, analyze, and easily store raw data published from an IoT fleet

  • Device Commands

    Use cloud-side business rules to send commands to Particle devices

  • Visualizations & Analytics

    Create dashboards that bring IoT data to life using charts and graphs

  • Report Logs

    Create automatic reports based on the data you have collected and use it improve business decision-making

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