Supply Secure

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Supply Secure at a Glance

Access an agile, risk-resilient, and dependable supply chain by partnering with Particle.

Our customers need to focus on what they do best: building and delivering market-leading products, on a predictable timeline.

Particle manages a portfolio of interchangeable components tested and pre-certified by our engineering team and sourced from our diverse network of suppliers. Our customers have confidence in their supply because they trust Particle to manage the complexity of an agile, risk-averse supply chain.

How It Works

Supply Secure components are backed by a contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA) so that our customers can rest assured that we are partnering with them to navigate any disruption or delay.

  • Available at Volume

    Every supply challenged component in our portfolio has been replaced with available-at-volume components so our customers can ship products through the silicon shortage.

  • Forward-Looking

    The Particle hardware roadmap will continue to be thoughtfully and intentionally designed so that future modules are footprint neutral. They are code-compatible, footprint-compatible, and energy-compatible, meaning that future components can be seamlessly swapped in/out with their predecessors.

  • Seamless Migration

    Supply Secure modules will require minimal hardware and firmware changes to migrate from existing products. The Particle engineering team takes care of testing, APIs, and certification so that our customers have minimal change-management and redesign impact to their production process. Each new component will include clear communication on migration paths, “last order” date notifications, as well as delivery dates for prototyping samples and production volume.

  • Upgraded

    Our Supply Secure modules will always include updated features with performance improvements and enhancements such as more powerful processors, memory, and support for all connectivity protocols, including our self-optimizing MVNO.

  • Guaranteed by SLA

    Enterprise customers purchasing Particle's Supply Secure modules are eligible for a Supply SLA (Service Level Agreement), which guarantees delivery of hardware from Particle on a predetermined schedule, backed by financial compensation for missed delivery.

"Our Supply Secure hardware roadmap and diversified supplier network will always prioritize customer needs and continuity above all else to ensure minimal disruption to their operations, mitigate risk, and enable customers to continue shipping products and gaining market share relative to competitors."
Dan Jamieson
Chief Operating Officer, Particle

Supply Secure Products

Particle’s new Supply Secure products include updated offerings of the company’s most in-demand and widely-used Enterprise offerings, including:


  • A new Enterprise Wi-Fi product line, which provides supply security and adds support for Bluetooth, a more powerful processor, more memory, and broader support for enterprise Wi-Fi configurations including 5GHz and 802.1X networks.
  • A redesigned cellular product line, comprising modules and development boards with supply security and added enhancements including BLE support, more memory, and expanded cellular connectivity powered by EtherSIM, our global SIM card.
  • Turnkey asset tracker devices, providing supply security and adding support for cutting-edge cellular and GNSS IoT chipsets as well as global connectivity.

All designs are API-compatible and footprint-compatible with the products they replace; many are electrically compatible and require no mechanical or electrical changes at all.

Learn More About Particle's Supply Secure Product Portfolio

For more information about how you can start building with our Supply Secure products, check out the FAQs or contact our sales team.