Particle T SoM

A customizable tracking product for the Particle Tracking System. Powerful, configurable, and extensible.

Particle T SoM

The Most Customizable Tracking Product on the Market

Powerful, configurable, and extensible IoT-enabled asset tracking

  • Powered by the Tracking System

    An intuitive software management system to map, monitor, and manage your tracking device fleets

  • Configurable for your needs

    Reconfigure the T SoM to suit your needs with our Configuration Services and software tools

  • Comprehensive tracking hardware

    Pre-packaged with all the necessary components you need to build a sophisticated tracking solution

Powered by the Particle Tracking System

The Particle Tracking System comes with everything you need to map, monitor, and manage your asset data. All device data is sent to a central interface so you can easily manage your assets in realtime.

Particle Tracking Solutions - LEV

Configurable for Your Needs; No PH.d Required

Optimize device behavior for your use case without writing any code. With Particle's OTA Configuration Services, you can push immediate updates to your fleet with just a touch of a button. Customize data publishing rates or setup motion detection alerts with ease.

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Fully Extensible for Your Use Case

Our Tracker Edge firmware is fully extensible so you can add additional sensors or any user defined capabilities.

You can extend underlying device firmware wirelessly with Particle’s OTA firmware updates, or with our suite of software development tools.

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Build With the Tools You Already Love

T SoM is fully compatible with our suite of software development tools

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Particle Workbench

All the tools, libraries, and extensions you need for rapid development in a single, easy-to-install package

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Device Console

A powerful and intuitive interface to manage device fleets and monitor vitals with ease

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OTA Firmware Updates

Send new features and updates to your device fleets with just a touch of a button

Everything You Need to Build a Reliable Tracking Device

A comprehensive piece of hardware for all your tracking needs

  • Reliable GPS antenna

    Comes with onboard dead-reckoning and a high-gain GNSS antenna that is accurate to 1.8 meters

  • A powerful ARM Cortex MCU

    An advanced SoC that is built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4 CPU with support for Bluetooth LE

  • CAN Bus controller

    Seamlessly integrate with external sensors and vehicle vehicles with an pre-installed CAN bus controller

  • Cellular connectivity

    A highly reliable LTE modem that provides global cellular coverage (CAT M1 in NA and LTE CAT 1 in EU)

  • ESP32 Wi-Fi locate

    An on-board MCU that offers Wi-Fi scanning location services when cellular is not available

  • Internal measurement unit

    An onboard accelerator and gyroscope that can detect when a device has woken up or moved

. . . And We Mean Everything You Need

  • An industrial-grade SIM

    An embedded sim card that is designed to resist corrosion and mechanical failure

  • PMIC & fuel gauge

    Highly intelligent power management system supports both rechargeable and single-use batteries

  • RTC watchdog timer

    Integrated hardware WDT will reset the whole system should a user application require it

  • Bluetooth low energy

    Build tracking applications that can interact short-range with other mobile devices

  • Fully certified

    Fully certified for original equipment manufacturers developing commercial products

  • Tracker Edge firmware

    The T SoM is built on top of a powerful embedded open source operating system

Deploy Your Way. We Provide All the Hardware You Need.

The T SoM is available as a stand-alone or in an evaluation kit

An image of the Tracker SoM with a geolocation interface

T SoM + Tracking Services


A powerful, configurable System-on-a-Module to embed inside your product to add asset tracking.

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The Tracker SoM with a geolocation interface

T SoM Eval Kit + Tracking Services


A castellated SoM that can be soldered to your own custom baseboard, or can be used with this evaluation board.

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