Harnessing IoT for Environmental Innovation

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Wonder how you can use IoT to monitor the environment?

Join Rashmi Chari and Neil Schultz to learn the best strategies for building an IoT product that improves environmental sustainability and provides continous, recurring value.


  • The trends and benefits of IoT for the environment
  • Top IoT use cases that are best suited for the environment
  • How Altrac is simplifying wind machine maintenance with IoT
  • Best practices for building a connected product for the environment

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Meet our speakers

Neil Schultz

Co-Founder of Altrac

Neil Schultz is the co-founder of Altrac, a startup focused on agricultural automation. Born in Montana, Neil graduated from Wharton in 2009, and studied industrial design at the California College of Arts.

Throughout his career, Neil has met many farmers and growers and saw a need for automation in underserved community. Due to his expertise in hardware, analaytics, and connected systems, he knew their was an solution.

To fulfill this need, he teamed up with Heath Westbrook to bring Altrac to life. Altrac differentiates itself with easy-to-use software (soldier-proof), realtime wireless equipment control, and bundled data costs to help farmers better manage their wind machine farms.


Meet our speakers

Rashmi Chari

Director of Enterprise Sales, Particle

Rashmi Chari is an Enterprise Sales Director at Particle where she helps customers find the right IoT solutions they need to get to market.

Since 2016, Rashmi has helped many environmental-based companies transform their business models to support environmental sustainability and improve operational efficiency with IoT.

Rashmi possesses a degree in International Studies from University of Wisconsin, Madison and has a strong background in business development, cloud computing, and enterprise software.

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