About Particle

Particle brings the physical world online to solve problems before they happen.

Enabling the real Internet of Things

We believe in the opportunity of the Internet of Things. We believe that, one day, everything will be connected. And when those connections happen, problems will start to disappear. Shelves will be stocked, machines will fix themselves. The world will quietly get better.

In the meantime, we believe that the innovators and entrepreneurs who will create this future need help. This industry is young and its technology is complex. The promise of IoT is only made real when companies ship their products, and today the barriers are too high. Too many great ideas never see the light of day.

So, here we are. We make it easy for our customers to build and deploy IoT products that solve real problems and create real value.

Built from the ground up for IoT

People often ask us: are you a hardware company or a software company?


Building an IoT product is complex, and that complexity cuts across the tech stack. You can't build an IoT product without dealing with both hardware and software, so we can't build an IoT platform without doing the same.

We built our platform based on firsthand experience of building IoT products. We understand where the challenges lie and built the solutions into our platform.

Particle is what you need when what you need is to make it work.

Our culture is our values

  • Caring

    Passion and compassion are the two most important qualities a person can possess.

  • Curiosity

    It’s more important to ask all the questions than to think you know all the answers.

  • Openness

    When we’re open and honest, it empowers our team and our customers.

  • Trust

    The fundamental building block of any partnership is trust.

  • Joy

    Building a new industry is a roller coaster ride; we might as well enjoy the ride.


Particle is a venture-backed company supported by world-class investors.

Care to join us?