Our mission is to reprogram the world

Particle is the leading integrated IoT Platform. We transform our customers into market leaders by giving them the technology and the expertise to bring an IoT product to market.

Why IoT? Why now?

Over the next decade, every manufacturing and distribution business on the planet will be re-invented as connectivity becomes ubiquitous and their physical assets become new sources of data and insight.

Businesses that lead this transformation will operate more efficiently and develop new business models and new revenue streams that will increase the value they can provide to their customers; as a result, they will out-compete those who choose not to invest in IoT.


Our platform is designed to help enterprises reprogram their machines and products by adding connectivity and intelligence.


Eliminate 20+ IoT vendors — decrease your time to market with the only edge-to-cloud platform that abstracts all the complexity of IoT for you.

Gain Complete Visibility of Your IoT Devices At Scale

Remotely monitor the your IoT devices with end-to-end visibility for transparent oversight and control.

bridge the gap between the physical and digital world

Send commands, check device variables, and more through our RESTful API that web and mobile developers love.

A Customizable tracking system for your needs.

Monitor the location of business crirticial-assets with our complete asset tracking platform.

Trusted across the industry

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Particle is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in China, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Boston

And we are supported by a large remote team that works all around the world.

Particle offices around the world

Our Brief History

Driven to make a difference in the world, Particle Founder Zach Supalla started this company because his dad was deaf and he wanted to create a connected light that flashed whenever his father received a text message. This started Zach on a journey to ask, "What if we could reprogram lights to make our lives easier?" And second, "What if everything could be reprogrammed to make our lives easier?"

Today, that’s precisely what Particle does. Except now, Particle is an integrated IoT platform designed to help companies reprogram their businesses for the better. Since launching in 2013, Particle has become the most widely used integrated IoT platform, supporting 8,500 companies, 250,000 developers worldwide.


Introducing Particle EtherSIM, our new next-generation cellular platform with no monthly data plans or device fees.


Launched Particle Tracking System, the most customizable asset tracking platform designed to support uses cases that go beyond location tracking.


Particle raises Series C round lead by Qualcomm Ventures and Energy Impact Partners to drive widespread IoT adoption.


Significant milestone - Over 8,500 companies and 150,000 developers use Particle to build and launch IoT products.


Particle raises Series B lead by Spark Capital to bring IoT to the enterprise.


Spark rebrands to Particle and launches Enterprise IoT cloud to accelerate time to market.


Meet the Electron: Particle’s first IoT board built with cellular connectivity, designed to connected anything.


Spark launches the Spark Core to make building internet-connected projects easy: Over 5,549 backers pledged $567,968.


Spark launches an integrated IoT platform to serve a fully increasing SMB / enterprise audience.


Venture-backed company supported by world-class investors.

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Our culture is our values

  • Caring

    Passion and compassion are critical for success; thoughtfulness drives our decision-making for colleagues, customers, and partners.

  • Openness

    Transparency empowers our team and our customers in both communications and actions.

  • Curiosity

    It’s more important to ask all the questions than to think you know all the answers.

  • Joy

    Building a new industry is a roller coaster ride; we might as well enjoy the ride.

  • Trust

    Success for the team comes from strong relationships, and at the foundation of all relationships is trust.

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An Ecosystem to Enable your Internet of Things

Build your connected product with our portfolio of social programs and engineering services

Particle For Good

Receive special benefits and resources if you are building an IoT product that brings about social good.

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Particle Studios

Build your IoT product from concept to market with a team of IoT experts.

Build with experts ›

Particle Makerspace Program

Supercharge your hackathons with free IoT hardware from Particle.

Empower your community ›

Particle For Education

Receive special benefits and resources if you’re an educator using IoT in the classroom.

Bring IoT to the classroom ›

Help build the connected future

Become part of a team that’s enabling the next generation of the Internet of Things