Particle brings your physical world online

The edge-to-cloud IoT platform to help you connect the unconnected.

Unlock the Promise of IoT

Whether you're scaling a revolutionary micromobility fleet, driving efficiencies by tracking the location and status of business-critical assets, or monitoring protected lands for illegal forestry, the promise of IoT is compelling: bring connectivity, intelligence, and control to unconnected physical objects.

While the promise of IoT is alluring, the road to IoT nirvana is plagued with challenges ranging from security risks to complexities spanning hardware, connectivity, and software.

That's where Particle comes in. Particle is the edge-to-cloud IoT platform to help you connect the unconnected. With powerful hardware solutions that thrive at the edge, reliable and efficient connectivity technologies, and software to manage your IoT deployment, Particle empowers you to unlock the promise of IoT.

Trusted across the industry

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Particle is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in China, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, and Boston

And we are supported by a large remote team that works all around the world.

A global team of IoT experts

The Particle leadership team brings years of experience in complex technologies and IoT.


Zach Supalla

Ceo, Co-founder

Zachary Crockett


Kenneth de Spiegeleire

Chief Commercial Officer

Will Hart

Senior Director of Product

Meghan Murphy

Senior Director of Marketing

Devin Helton

Director of People Operations

Shawn Lim

VP Global Customer Success

Chi-hung Ma

Rashmi Chari

Director of Enterprise Sales - West

Brian Smith

Director of Enterprise Sales- East


Venture-backed company supported by world-class investors.

Our culture is our values

  • Caring

    Passion and compassion are critical for success; thoughtfulness drives our decision-making for colleagues, customers, and partners.

  • Openness

    Transparency empowers our team and our customers in both communications and actions.

  • Curiosity

    It’s more important to ask all the questions than to think you know all the answers.

  • Joy

    Building a new industry is a roller coaster ride; we might as well enjoy the ride.

  • Trust

    Success for the team comes from strong relationships, and at the foundation of all relationships is trust.

An Ecosystem to Enable your Internet of Things

Build your connected product with our portfolio of social programs and engineering services

Particle For Good

Receive special benefits and resources if you are building an IoT product that brings about social good.

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Particle Studios

Build your IoT product from concept to market with a team of IoT experts.

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Particle Makerspace Program

Supercharge your hackathons with free IoT hardware from Particle.

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Particle For Education

Receive special benefits and resources if you’re an educator using IoT in the classroom.

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Help build the connected future

Become part of a team that’s enabling the next generation of the Internet of Things