We want to help you reprogram the world

Particle empowers innovators to solve the problems of industry.

Particle powers connected solutions to business problems

Particle provides an integrated IoT Platform-as-a-Service that helps businesses connect, manage, and deploy software applications to connected devices, from edge to cloud and back. Over 240k developers, and 160+ Enterprise customers are building on Particle, from fast-growing startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Our expertise goes beyond world-class technology, enabling next-generation business intelligence, insights, and expert customer support to make sure IoT projects succeed. So you can reprogram your business, industry, and the world.

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We help leading brands launch industry-changing connected products

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Particle is headquartered in San Francisco, with a globally distributed team supporting connectivity for our customers no matter where they are.

Particle offices around the world

Our history

Driven to make a difference in the world, Particle CEO and cofounder Zach Supalla started this company because his dad was deaf and he wanted to create a connected light that flashed whenever his father received a text message. This started Zach on a journey to ask, "What if we could reprogram lights to make our lives easier?" And second, "What if everything could be reprogrammed to make our lives easier?"

Today, that’s precisely what Particle does. Except now, Particle is a full-stack IoT Platform-as-a-Service that’s helped some of the most innovative companies in the world reprogram their businesses for the better.


Particle launches updated P2 and Photon 2 Wi-Fi connectivity offerings for mass market applications.


Particle unveils B Series cellular hardware solutions to accelerate IoT product development and scale.


Introducing Particle EtherSIM, our new next-generation cellular platform with no monthly data plans or device fees.


Launched Particle Tracking System, the most customizable asset tracking platform designed to support uses cases that go beyond location tracking.


Particle raises Series C round lead by Qualcomm Ventures and Energy Impact Partners to drive widespread IoT adoption.


Significant milestone - Over 8,500 companies and 150,000 developers use Particle to build and launch IoT products.


Particle raises Series B lead by Spark Capital to bring IoT to the enterprise.


Spark rebrands to Particle and launches Enterprise IoT cloud to accelerate time to market.


Meet the Electron: Particle’s first IoT board built with cellular connectivity, designed to connected anything.


Spark launches the Spark Core to make building internet-connected projects easy: Over 5,549 backers pledged $567,968.


Spark launches an integrated IoT platform to serve a fully increasing SMB / enterprise audience.


Venture-backed company supported by world-class investors.

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Particle for Good

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