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Helping schools, universities, and nonprofits create a brighter future with IoT

About Particle for Good

We stand with you in your commitment to use the Internet of Things to make a positive impact. Particle for Good supports innovators in their quest to promote equality, protect our environment, empower underserved communities, and any other effort to bring about positive social change with IoT.

About Particle for Good

Program Benefits

Particle for Good makes it easy for educators, universities, and nonprofits to leverage IoT

  • Discounts on the Particle platform

    Receive 15% off Particle IoT hardware, 100K Data Operations/month via our Free Plan, and an additional 720K Data Operations Block for free once you graduate from our Free Plan.

  • Co-marketing opportunities

    Collaborate with our marketing team to share your story alongside Particle.

Member Success Stories

Many organizations are investing in a brighter future using Particle

Shifted Energy

Shifted Energy is driving the energy economy to 100% renewable. Electric water heaters act as a battery to temporarily store renewable energy during the day, which utility companies use to shift energy loads during peak demand hours.

With Particle’s platform, Shifted Energy is retrofitting already deployed water heaters into energy storage units.

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Opti helps prevent urban flooding before it happens. Their smart system proactively monitors weather forecasts and actuates drainage valves to minimize sewer overflows and environmentally hazardous run-off.

Opti’s Particle-powered solution is helping shield communities from nature's most extreme events.

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Envirofit provides cookstoves for the millions of people in poverty that do not have access to gas or electricity.

Envirofit uses Particle to monitor and quantify the environmental and health benefits of their cookstoves.

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CleanBlu is revolutionizing the wastewater treatment industry with Internet-connected water reuse technologies.

With Particle, CleanBlu helps residents and commercial industries connect their water systems to the internet so they can not only monitor and control them wirelessly, but operate them autonomously.

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To qualify for the Particle for Good program, you must be an organization that has a documented purpose of serving the public or a social enterprise with a mission that aligns with our objectives and focus areas.

Qualifying organizations include:

  • Nonprofits
  • B-corporations
  • Public-benefit corporations

Focus Areas

The four main areas we believe IoT can make a significant social impact

  • Environmental preservation

    Protecting the world's natural assets and promoting responsible use of resources.

  • Developing regions

    Creating opportunity and improving quality of life in emerging economies.

  • Energy conservation

    Developing efficient and conscientious methods of energy creation, distribution, and usage in order to ensure continued availability.

  • Social justice

    Promoting equal economic, political, and social rights for everyone.

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