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TeleSense Builds Smart Grain Monitoring System with IoT

"Particle provided everything we needed to build a secure grain monitoring device at scale. From the hardware, to the software, and to the cloud, everything just works."

Jake Leih Product Marketing, TeleSense

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Smart farming

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Grain monitoring and delivery

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Livestock tracking

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Smart irrigation

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Indoor plant cultivation

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Agricultural equipment tracking

Track agricultural Equipment in Real-time

Monitor all your agricultural assets - from tractors to even your cattle - in real-time with the Particle Tracking System.

Monitor Grain Storage Volume with Connected Sensors

Measure tank volume or monitor grain and seed moisture levels with low-powered IoT sensors.

Deploy Wireless Monitoring Systems To Optimize Crop Yield

Monitor crop growth and conditions using a variety of sensors for better production and yield.

Monitor climate conditions with an edge-to-cloud platform

Track weather data and map optimal climate conditions to increase your farm’s efficiency by adjusting irrigation schedules.

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