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Get started with Particle Workbench

IoT Projects often need to share the data they collect, or enable external systems to trigger actions. That’s the “I” in IoT, after all. To make connectivity easier, Particle provides a number of “primitives” in the built-in Device OS, including variables, functions and messaging with Particle publi...

Brandon Satrom article author avatarBrandon SatromJune 03, 2019
Get started with Particle Workbench

Particle Workbench is a robust, local Integrated Development Environment for firmware development and debugging. It provides all of the tools, libraries, and extensions you need for IoT development, and because Workbench built on Visual Studio Code, you get all the features available in the world’s most popular, cross-platform text editor.

In this video, you’ll learn how to use Particle Workbench as your local IDE for Particle projects. Particle Workbench is available for Windows, macOS and Linux, and provides all of the same capabilities as the Particle Web IDE, plus a number of other features that are perfect for Particle power users.

For other videos covering the basics of working with Particle devices, check out our Particle 101 series on YouTube. If you have questions about using Particle Workbench, or anything else in the Particle platform, visit us in the Particle Community.