Introducing Particle’s New Pricing

Today, we’re introducing new pricing to better serve all of our customers, big and small. Your feedback was instrumental on how we’ve structured these changes to support your growth as a Particle customer.

Dan Jamieson article author avatarDan JamiesonFebruary 13, 2018
Introducing Particle’s New Pricing

New pricing, more data, and expanded support

The announcement of Particle third generation hardware also comes with exciting news around pricing. Today, we’re introducing new pricing to better serve all of our customers, big and small. Your feedback was instrumental on how we’ve structured these changes to support your growth as a Particle customer.

First, reduced cellular pricing for everyone. All cellular devices now include 3MB of cellular data and significantly reduced additional data costs as a part of a single worldwide cellular data plan via Particle’s MVNO.

Next, simple and transparent pricing for product creators. More Device Cloud features included for all products, with volume hardware and per-device fee breaks at scale.

Lastly, better professional-grade support and service choices. A new suite of professional services and support options designed to supplement your team at all phases of development.

The result of these changes is a simplified pricing model that provides more transparency, improved support options, and more data for less.

More cellular data for the same price

Starting today, you’ll see three big changes for your cellular pricing that significantly reduce your costs:

  • 3x the data for the same price. All cellular devices will now receive 3MB (up from 1MB) of cellular data for $2.99 per device per month, included as a part of our Device Cloud. As always, new customers’ first three months of data are on us.
  • Cheaper additional data. The costs of additional megabytes are cut from $0.99 to $0.40/MB in most countries, a 60% reduction in cost for additional data consumed beyond 3MB.
  • No more roaming costs. We’ve unified multiple cellular pricing zones into a single worldwide Device Cloud plan that provides our best low-cost cellular pricing to all Particle customers around the globe.

Simple and transparent self-service pricing for product creators

We heard from customers that it was unclear which steps to take when they’re ready to expand their fleet at scale, especially with self-service in the Particle Device Cloud. Now Device Cloud pricing is simple and straightforward with more features.

The biggest change you’ll notice with the new pricing is a single,
per-device cost for Device Cloud access each month. This per-device cost decreases as you scale your fleet.

For Wi-Fi products, you can prototype with the Device Cloud up to 100 devices in a product with no additional cost apart from the hardware. Once you hit your 101st device milestone, pricing begins per device—while your initial 100 devices always get Device Cloud access for free.

For Cellular products, your $2.99 per device/mo. subscription gets you both Device Cloud access and 3MB of included cellular data each month. Once you surpass 100, the cost per device drops to $2.69.

In addition, product creators get more Device Cloud features with less metering. Under the new pricing, you get unlimited outbound events, unlimited team members, and access to Device Groups for powerful fleet management. Plus the tools you’re already familiar with like the Device Console, over-the-air firmware updates, managed MVNO connectivity, and integrations.

You can see exactly how this all works on our new interactive pricing page here including volume-based hardware discounts as you scale your fleet.

Professional-Grade support and services

Finally, we’re rolling out an entirely new line of support and services to better supplement your needs in bringing an IoT product to market. To date, the Particle team has supported dozens customers in deploying products to market and we’re excited to make these services more widely available. Particle Studios is our new professional engineering services offering, ranging from hardware and firmware reviews to full IoT implementations.

You’ll also now have access to new premium support options to directly engage with the technical team at Particle to ensure your IoT deployment remains online and healthy. Read about those packages here.

Your feedback on Particle pricing, software, and hardware, and ongoing conversations with the Particle team have helped us shape our product with the right tools to support your success. We’re excited to hear what you think and what problem you’ll solve next.

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