Particle Mesh Referrals: Spread The Word, Earn Cool Stuff

Meet the Particle Mesh referrals program. It's an easy way to earn free Particle developer kits and swag. Here's how it works.

David Scheltema article author avatarDavid ScheltemaFebruary 22, 2018
Particle Mesh Referrals: Spread The Word, Earn Cool Stuff

Particle has discontinued development of Particle Mesh, our OpenThread-based mesh networking solution, and will no longer be manufacturing the associated Xenon development board. Particle will continue investing in its other “Gen 3” products, the flagship cellular (Boron) and Wi-Fi (Argon) product lines. Read more about the deprecation here.

You may have noticed a lot of people sharing Particle Mesh referral codes recently. These codes are a way for you to earn free stuff when your friends and colleagues order any of our new developer kits and accessories.


Here’s how it works. After you preorder one of the new Particle Mesh developer kits, a custom URL is generated that’s unique to you. When you share that URL and someone you’ve shared it with completes a preorder, you get credit for a successful referral.

Each referral you earn gets you closer to unlocking rewards, like free hardware and even a free trip to Maker Faire Bay Area—with travel and accommodations on us.


Above you’ll see an example of the referral screen. It’s your one-stop spot for sharing your referral code with all your closest internet buddies. We’ve also added social media buttons that are preloaded with your code. Just click and share. Of course, it’s always nice to personalize your message.

As more people use your referral link to complete a preorder, you’ll work your way to even more exciting rewards. To keep an eye on how your freebies are stacking up, head to the Particle Mesh preorder page and click on the button CHECK MY ORDER.

There, you’ll see a referral progress bar (shown above) and a section titled “Your Rewards”, which keeps track of all the free stuff you’ve racked up.


The more credit you earn, the more awesome the rewards you unlock. The rewards start at just one successful referral, as both you and your friend will get a free Starter Pack full of the prototyping parts you need to get started. We’ll have more details on what’s in the kit soon. Here’s the full breakdown of the reward structure.

  • 1 successful referral = a free Starter Pack
  • 2 successful referrals = a free Xenon
  • 5 successful referrals = a free Argon
  • 10 successful referrals = a free Boron
  • 25 successful referrals = a custom limited edition Particle letterman jacket
  • 50 successful referrals = join us at Maker Faire Bay Area and hangout in San Francisco! Travel and accommodations on us.

Think you have what it takes to unlock a free trip to Maker Faire Bay Area? We can’t wait to find out.

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