Particle roadshow 2019: Watch the opening keynote and product roadmap presentation

Catch up on what happened at the Particle IoT Roadshow. Here is a recap of the opening keynote and product roadmap presentation.

Jeffrey Lee article author avatarJeffrey LeeOctober 10, 2019
Particle roadshow 2019: Watch the opening keynote and product roadmap presentation

The Internet of Things is bringing the physical world online to solve problems before they happen.

This was front and center during the Particle IoT Roadshow in Pittsburg and Boston. At both events, Zach Supalla, CEO and co-founder of Particle, and William Hart, Senior Director of Product, took to the stage to present the current state of the IoT, how our customers are using Particle-powered IoT to deliver value for their customers, and our product roadmap for 2019 and beyond.

You can watch the full recorded presentations below to learn more about the current state of IoT and our vision for future Particle products.

Particle Roadshow Opening Keynote

During his keynote, Zach discussed the current state of the IoT industry, our plans for opening an office in Boston, and how product creators are using Particle to solve real world problems. Here are some of the highlights from the talk:

  • Particle is opening an office in Boston — We are very excited to be expanding our offices into Boston. To learn how you can join the new office on the east coast, see our careers page for available openings.
  • What is happening with IoT? — It’s clear that the Internet of Things is going to be big. What we see in the market is real IoT products with clear short term impact that are solving immediate and obvious problems today, and will have massive potential behind them. But why now? And where is all of this coming from? Learn more by jumping to 12:34 in the video.
  • Build for today’s problems. Design for future opportunities — “What should you do if you are building an IoT product? And how do you split your focus between solving today’s problem versus tomorrow’s problem? Well, what we see happening, and what we tell our customers to do, is to focus on the problem you are trying to solve today. Once you do that, you can expand into other categories.” Jump to 36:00 in the video if you are interested to learn more.

Particle Product Roadmap

Will took to the stage to discuss some of our new product and feature updates that are coming down the line, the importance of these features for businesses, and why we are spending time developing them for our customers. Some main highlights:

  • Intelligent Firmware Updates — “Particle has provided OTA since we originally launched our development tools back in 2013, and since then we have made improvements to it that we call Intelligent Firmware releases, which is an exciting addition to our current over-the-air firmware update tools. Intelligent firmware releases enable scaling customers to predictably deliver fleet-wide system firmware updates at exactly the right time.” You can learn more about this new feature here.
  • Improved Diagnostics and Fleet-Health Dashboards — ”We have built a new part of the Particle platform called Particle Diagnostics, this is a preview of a feature that will be available in October. It comes in two pieces: Fleet-health dashboards aggregates fleet-wide device information that allows you to identify and respond to system-wide disruptions. And finally, Device vitals allows you to deeply diagnose a problematic device to understand and collect information on what might be wrong with it.” Jump to 17:10 in the video if you are interested to learn more.
  • Everything you need to know about Cat-M1, NB-IoT, and 5G — The current cellular connectivity space for IoT products is complex and confusing. Learn more about the cellular marketplace and which cellular connectivity option you should use for your IoT deployment by jumping to 21:10 in the video.