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Take a deep-dive on Particle Mesh with Co-Founder and CEO Zach Supalla

Here’s a look back at the Particle Mesh launch event and our reason for building the Argon, Boron, and Xenon.

David Scheltema article author avatarDavid ScheltemaSeptember 28, 2018
Take a deep-dive on Particle Mesh with Co-Founder and CEO Zach Supalla

Particle has discontinued development of Particle Mesh, our OpenThread-based mesh networking solution, and will no longer be manufacturing the associated Xenon development board. Particle will continue investing in its other “Gen 3” products, the flagship cellular (Boron) and Wi-Fi (Argon) product lines. Read more about the deprecation here.

Earlier this year, Particle CEO Zach Supalla spoke at HeavyBit Industries to kickoff the launch of Particle Mesh, the third generation of Particle hardware that includes the Argon, Boron, and Xenon. Here’s a look back at the launch event and what Zach had to say about why we built this new line of mesh-connected hardware.

The talk begins showing the launch video for Particle Mesh and moves to cover the history of the company starting with the Spark Core back in 2013. Zach goes on to covers some of the customers we’ve worked with to help bring products to market. Highlights include Opti, Service Thread, Canary Compliance, and Jacuzzi. The talk continues a takes a deep dive into the motivation for building Particle Mesh and where we see the technology taking the industry.

How we got to Particle Mesh

  • 11:00 Customers were retrofitting devices for local communication.
  • 13:18 We realized that every device could be a gateway for local communication.
  • 13:57 Overview of the Argon, Boron, and Xenon
  • 14:22 New protocol, new radios, new sensors, new software

New protocol

  • 15:16 Particle Mesh network overview
  • 16:17 Advantages of mesh networks: inexpensive, scalable, and reliable
  • 17:42 Powered by Thread and OpenThread
  • 19:51 Thread is not just for the smart home

New radios

  • 22:15 Nordic nRF52840
  • 23:56 Espressif ESP32
  • 24:59 Boron LTE CAT-M1 (future support for NB1)

New sensors

  • 29:00 Feather compatible — immediate access to 50+ FeatherWings

New software

  • 31:10 Provisioning with BLE
  • 32:14 Local diagnostics with BLE
  • 32:47 Mesh network management in the cloud

One more thing

  • 34:03 Modules coming in Fall 2018


To learn more about Particle Mesh make sure you don’t miss Mesh 101 and 102 and join the conversation in the Particle community.