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Energy - Build New Revenue Streams

Connect your energy assets to build new revenue streams, reduce costs, and increase efficiency

Shifted Energy is driving the energy economy to 100% renewable

"With the Particle IoT platform, Shifted Energy is retrofitting already deployed water heaters into energy storage units. This temporarily stored energy can then be used by utility companies during peak hours to balance the grid and maximize efficiency."

Olin Lagon, CTO at Shifted Energy

Solve the toughest problems in energy

From the remote plains to busy cities, Particle is making energy smarter

Smart meters

Monitoring solar systems

Grid management

Monitoring energy consumption

Tracking Oil & Gas equipment

Analytics for electric vehicle chargers

Prevent downtime with predictive maintenance

Energy appliances are prone to breakage. Prevent downtime by remotely monitoring and diagnosing your energy systems in real-time with a complete edge-to-cloud IoT platform.

Address regulation and decrease compliance costs

Monitor environment condition and leaks to ensure compliance with regulations on emissions and waste.

Remotely monitor your energy systems in real-time

With the Particle IoT Device Management system, you can log important energy system metrics like health, performance, and efficiency in a centralized location.

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Reduce costs and build new revenue streams with Particle's complete IoT platform.