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How the Internet of Things is Helping to Fight Climate Change

In 2018, the west coast was on fire and the east coast was flooding. If it wasn’t clear before, it is abundantly clear now. The cost of ignoring climate change is only becoming worse. While it may not seem like much is being done to protect the environment, many entrepreneurs have been turning to the Internet of Things to counteract the effects of climate change and other environmental hazards.

In fact, experts estimate that IoT could account for a 15% emissions decrease across industry sectors by 2030. Additionally, by 2025, industry experts believe there will be more than 60 billion IoT devices deployed worldwide. With so many devices, IoT is expected to have an economic impact of $11.1 trillion a year. As such, the possibilities afforded by IoT are abundantly clear, which is why so many climate advocates and entrepreneurs have been turning to IoT to counteract climate change.