A secure, scalable, and fully-integrated IoT platform for enterprises

Building internet-connected products is costly, risky, and complex. Particle simplifies IoT by handling hardware, connectivity, and software for you. Now, you can build IoT-enhanced products without taking your focus away from your business and customers.

A secure, scalable, and fully-integrated IoT platform for enterprises

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What is an enterprise IoT platform?

An enterprise IoT platform is a stack of technologies that enable internet-connected products and devices to send and receive data. IoT helps enterprises unlock new value from physical assets, using data to improve product offerings, generate new revenue streams, and better manage physical assets. 

Enterprise IoT is a technical solution to a business problem. Depending on the use case and vertical, IoT can help control costs through preventative maintenance and asset monitoring, or provide new revenue models with subscription-based services that allow for recurring revenue rather than one-time purchases. 

Any IoT solution made for enterprises should include the following:

  • Hardware, including sensors, microcontrollers, on-device software, peripherals, and power management.
  • An operating system, including OTA updates, user applications, a hardware abstraction layer, firmware libraries, and RTOS.
  • Connectivity, including wireless network access, certifications, device provisioning, data plans, and SIM management.
  • A cloud solution, including device management, data storage, REST APIs, application servers, and microservices.

An enterprise-grade IoT solution should also prioritize security and scalability, ensuring the safe transfer of data between endpoints and a centralized location as the number of devices increases. 

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"Particle’s x-factor was their team’s ability to quickly understand our business and be an active participant in driving our strategy and technical implementation."

Larry Ovalle, Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth at Jacuzzi

Building an IoT platform yourself is hard. An integrated enterprise IoT solution makes it easier.

Building an IoT platform in-house means reinventing the wheel. Using a platform that handles the software, operating system, connectivity and hardware for you lets you focus on solving your customers' problems and driving growth.






Months to complete an IoT project

IoT Analytics, Guide to IoT Solutions. September 2016


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PTC, Source: LiveWorx June, 2019


Total cost of ownership to build from scratch

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Months to bring an IoT product to market


Integrated IoT platform


Total cost of ownership

The easiest way to bring ambitious IoT projects to market

Particle's fully integrated IoT platform empowers enterprises to harness the power of connected products and transform their businesses. Let Particle handle the hard parts of IoT while you focus on solving customer problems and creating value.

  • Easy to update

    Push regular over-the-air updates to all your devices without interrupting your users' experience or bricking your devices.

  • An integrated solution

    Never waste resources trying to make 20+ microservices and vendors "talk to each other" again. Particle's hardware, operating system, connectivity, and software works together seamlessly.

  • Secure by default

    Particle's platform is always SOC II and GDPR-certified, so you never have to worry about complying with different regulations around the world.

  • Developer-friendly

    Your team will get to join the largest IoT developer community and gain access to best-in-class documentation, tutorials, resources, and libraries.

  • Expert guidance

    The Particle Studios team has spent the last 10 years focused solely on IoT. They'll work as part of your team to help you go from prototype to product.

  • Start for free

    Prototype and pilot with a fully featured development sandbox that includes cellular data and support for 100 devices

Should you build or buy an IoT platform?

IoT is complex, and building in-house makes it more difficult. We’ll show you how to think about the decision to build or buy an IoT platform.

The “build vs. buy” decision aroudn IoT platforms is complex, and there are a lot of factors to consider before you start an IoT project. In this guide, we’ll show you the decision factors you should consider so you can make an informed choice about how to bring connectivity to your products.

Read this guide to learn:

  • What it means to build vs. buy an IoT solution
  • How to evaluate your core competencies vs. those of outsourced solutions
  • What the most critical build vs. buy decision factors are and how Particle makes the decision easier

Get to market faster

Accelerate your time to market as you deploy Particle’s fully certified and field ready edge-to-cloud platform. No frankenstein solutions needed.

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Enterprise IoT security that protects your deployment

Leverage Particle’s open source and end-to-end encrypted platform for out-of-the-box security and industry leading intelligent OTA capabilities for securing your deployment in the field.

Physical security

Every Particle device uses an encrypted connection to the Particle Cloud, authenticated with public key infrastructure eliminating the need for local passwords or open ports.

Internal security

If it moves in our environment, we make sure you know about it. We do this through an open event logging framework that allows you and your team to get an instant overview of how a given device is operating.

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Get production-ready IoT devices for any use case

Particle devices allow you to go from prototype to production with one platform. Use dev boards to quickly test and iterate, and then move to embedded production modules with few design changes required. All Particle devices come embedded with the full capabilities of our IoT edge-to-cloud infrastructure.

Particle Embedded Modules

IoT for enterprises that want to move fast

Tell us about the problems you need to solve and we'll identify a Particle-powered solution that meets your business needs.