Production-Ready IoT Devices for Any Use Case

Embeddable modules and off-the-shelf gateways, all integrated into the Particle IoT Platform-as-a-Service.

Get the Full Power of Particle Embedded in Every Device

The Particle Platform-as-a-Service is integrated into every device we make. All devices come pre-flashed with Particle Device OS, and are ready to connect to the Cloud as soon as they’re turned on, with built-in reporting for managing product fleets in the field.

Particle IoT Platform - Short - Devices

Embedded Modules That Integrate IoT into Your Product

Particle modules are designed to be easily embedded into your product, providing connectivity and compute directly into your design.

All Particle modules are:

  • Fully reprogrammable for your specific use case
  • Powered by Particle Device OS
  • Easy to integrate into your designs
  • Reliable and robust
  • Supply secure with footprint-neutral design for seamless change management
Particle Embedded Modules

Standardized, Fully Extensible IoT Gateways

Particle gateways give you the ideal balance of standardization that makes them usable out of the box, and extensibility that lets you build your way.

All of our gateways are:

  • Flexible. Customizable ports make it easy to integrate with external systems and sensors using standard cable assemblies.
  • Open source. All enclosures, carrier board designs, and firmware are designed to be copied or modified as needed to build a complete custom solution.
  • Ready to go. Particle gateways work out-of-the-box without any software or hardware development, whether you’re building something new or retrofitting existing products.
  • Fully tested and certified. Reduce time spent on certifications and get to market faster.
  • Equipped with a wide range of power options. Our gateways have onboard rechargeable cells plus options for external power sources with a wide input voltage range.
Particle Gateway

Development Board for Prototyping

Our development boards are designed to make IoT development easy and accessible. You can get your first prototype up and running in minutes with easy-to-use, open source development boards that are breadboard-friendly for rapid prototyping.

Particle Hardware Development Kit
"There’s a lot of fleet management capabilities embedded right into Particle's devices, so if you have thousands or even tens of thousands of their devices, you can manage them effectively no matter where they are. Even with all this, the cost is still very competitive."
Eric Wen
Chief Operating Officer, Qube

Particle B SoM and Boron - LTE Modules and Dev Kits for Cellular IoT Development

One Platform-as-a-Service that takes cellular-connected products from prototype to production quickly and reliably.

Incorporate cellular connectivity into your products with the Particle B SoM and Boron modules and development boards. They’re simple to integrate, extensible, optimized for exploration and scale, and are Supply Secure so you never have to worry about availability.

Boron - Cellular-Enabled Development Board: Make IoT evaluation, development and iteration simple and easy.

B-SoM - A Production-Ready Cellular Module: Easily transition from prototype to production with an enterprise-grade System-on-Module

B Series - Boron 404X B404X B524 layout 2

Enterprise-Grade Embedded WiFi Modules

Get Wi-Fi solutions that give you best-in-class security without compromising on performance.

We're proud to release the Photon 2, a feather form factor-compatible development kit for rapid prototyping, and the P2, a Wi-Fi module built for low-cost, integrated designs.

  • Standardized with critical security features like OTP for key management, secure boot, ARM TrustZone support, and more
  • Equipped with dual-band WiFi connectivity 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz) and low-power Bluetooth support
  • Designed with only Supply Secure components so you can deploy through extended silicon shortages
  • Pre-integrated with the full capabilities of the Particle Platform-as-a-Service.
Photon 2 and P2

Standardized for Field Applications

  • Supply Secure

    All hardware components are designed to minimize supply chain disruption and provide seamless forward compatibility, so you can keep shipping product confidently.

  • Power-Efficient

    Easily configure your device’s power consumption with simple APIs built into Device OS that transition your application in and out of unified low-power & sleep.

  • Certified

    Reduce your downstream certification costs and requirements with our pre-integrated and pre-certified devices. Certifications include FCC, CE, IC, & GCF, PTCRB and Giteki.

  • Secure

    Bare metal RTOS. No unknown background services, no open ports, and one-click whole-system security updates. Every device has unique cryptographic keys pinned on both the device and cloud to prevent person-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Built for Hostile Environments

    Castellated Systems on Modules, and embedded SIMs, designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to 85C.

Extensible for Full Control Over Your Product

  • Ecosystem Enabled

    Particle has adopted common and different hardware standards like Feather and M.2 to provide interoperability with a wide range of accessories, sensors, and peripherals to accelerate product development.

  • Flexible and Configurable

    Use different variations of hardware components to build your finished connected product, including varying components for antenna, enclosure, power, battery, sensor, and actuator interfaces.

  • Globally Future-Proof

    Deploy your connected products globally with Particle devices equipped with cellular modems that support LTE CAT 1 and LTE CAT M1 networks across hundreds of leading cellular carriers.

  • Open APIs

    DeviceOS is built on FreeRTOS and is open source. The hundreds of thousands of lines of code are battle-tested, and abstract away the complexity of IoT.

  • Easy Scaling

    Our prototyping dev kits and production modules use the same electrical systems and application firmware, so you can scale smoothly without needing to redesign.

Particle Devices Power the Best Connected Products

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