Particle for Good

We stand with you in your commitment to use the Internet of Things to make a positive impact. Particle for Good provides resources and other benefits to those using IoT to create social benefit.

About Particle for Good

Particle is an easy to use, reliable, and secure Internet of Things (IoT) device platform. With Particle, you can bring intelligence and efficiency to the physical world by connecting devices to the web.

We believe strongly that the Internet of Things can and will enable us to solve pressing issues in new ways that have far-reaching positive social impact. We want to enable innovators to use Particle in their quest to promote equality, protect our environment, empower underserved communities, and any other effort to bring about positive social change with IoT.

That’s why we’re proud to offer qualified organizations benefits and resources to help bring impactful IoT to life through the Particle for Good program. We're working hard to officially launch the program soon. For now, please sign up for updates to receive news on Particle for Good as it become available.

Particle for Good Stories

Many organizations have already begun making a positive impact using IoT. Check out a few stories of Particle-powered initiatives creating meaningful social benefit:

  • Envirofit

    Envirofit has improved the lives of over 7.5 million people living in extreme poverty by introducing smarter, safer, and more affordable cookstoves that minimize toxic emissions. Particle technology is being used to monitor and quantify the environmental and health benefits of Envirofit's products.

  • Opti

    Opti is building the “Internet of Stormwater” to help protect our water resources. Opti’s Particle-powered solution automatically controls when and how fast stormwater flows, preventing flooding and pollution. To date, Opti's solution has been deployed in more than 130 commercial and public projects across 21 states.

  • dev/Mission

    dev/Mission aims to train untapped young adults for careers in technology to build wealth and prosperity in Bay Area communities. dev/Mission is using Particle in IoT curriculum to empower the next generation of IoT developers, in addition to connecting young adults with mentorship & internship opportunities in tech.


Particle for Good is intended for organizations that have a documented purpose of social good or charity that aligns with our objectives and focus areas. Specifically, this includes:

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • B-corporations
  • Public-benefit corporations

All eligible organizations must also adhere to Particle's terms of service to participate in the program.

Focus areas

We believe in a bright future enabled by connectivity. Here are a few specific areas where we believe IoT can make a significant impact:

  • Environmental Preservation

    Protecting natural assets and promoting responsible use of resources

  • Developing Regions

    Creating opportunity and improving quality of life in emerging economies

  • STEM Education

    Empowering a diverse range of students to learn technical skills for today's digital economy

  • Social Justice

    Promoting equal economic, political, and social rights for everyone

Ready to do good for IoT?