IoT Fleet Management Solutions

Track Vehicles and Equipment in Real-Time

Increase service profitability, ensure compliance, and reduce fuel costs with an IoT-based fleet management solution

Track Vehicles and Equipment in Real-Time

Fleet Management Drives Measurable ROI

IoT helps limit inefficiencies, improve safety, and save you money

  • ↓14%

    Fuel consumption

    Companies who implement smart fleet management solutions can reduce fuel consumption by 14%

  • ↓20%

    In repair costs

    IoT-based fleet management can help companies decrease repair costs by up to 20%

  • ↓10%

    Operational costs

    Intelligent fleet management systems can help companies reduce administrative costs by 10%

Worthwhile Revolutionizes Forestry Fleet Management With IoT

By leveraging Particle tracking hardware, Worthwhile gets drivers the real-time information they need to make informed operational decisions and select the right mills to visit with their trucks.

A mack truck

Monitor Your Fleet Operations in Real-Time

Using Particle’s GPS tracking system, track your fleet arrivals, departures and delays, and ETA for shipments.

Real-Time Geolocation Mapping

Monitor asset location in real-time with geolocation mapping services.

Historical Location Tracking

Track asset history to suggest optimal routes or increase accuracy of information needed for business intelligence.

Particle Tracking Solutions

Track Everything About Your Fleet With Asset Tracking+

The Particle Tracking System is designed to integrate with any external sensor, enabling your business to track asset location, along with any additional variable such as temperature, sound, motion, air quality, and more.

Track everything about your fleet with asset tracking

Optimize your fleet and reduce spend

Capture additional sensor data and intelligence with our configuration services, and receive insights on fuel and mileage.

Particle Tracking Solutions

Fleet Management Resources

Discover how you can harness IoT to wirelessly monitor and manage your vehicle fleets

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