GPS fleet tracking — The key to enterprise fleet management

Learn how companies are leveraging realtime GPS fleet tracking solutions how it is transforming vehicle and equipment management

Jeffrey Lee article author avatarJeffrey LeeMay 11, 2020
GPS fleet tracking — The key to enterprise fleet management

Realtime GPS fleet tracking is becoming one of the most comprehensive solutions for managing vehicle fleets and tracking high-value equipment. In fact, organizations that implement realtime GPS fleet tracking solutions often find a 12.2% increase in service profitability, a 27.9% increase in operator compliance, and a 13.2% reduction in fuel costs

With so much opportunity, it makes sense that so many companies are looking to connect their vehicle fleets and high-value heavy equipment. For many companies, this transformation is already underway with 70% of logistics companies already starting to modernize their operations with connected fleet tracking solutions. 

In fact, the connected logistics market is estimated to grow from $5 billion in 2015 to $20 billion by 2020. Connected logistics can be defined by an interdependent set of communication devices, joints, and IoT technologies that change the key logistical processes to become more customer-centric by sharing data, information, and facts with business partners. The main reasons more logistic operations are starting to implement these type of solutions are due to the decreasing cost of sensors, need for operational efficiency, and emergence of IoT connecting devices.

What is realtime GPS fleet tracking?

Realtime GPS fleet tracking, a core part of any IoT fleet management solution, is a system that uses geolocation mapping services and GPS embedded sensors to monitor the state and location of important moving assets such as vehicles and equipment. It is often used by companies who have many distributed pieces of equipment or vehicles and need a system to help track them. 

Vehicle and equipment management at scale 

Most assume fleet tracking is just for monitoring vehicle fleets, but you can use fleet tracking software to monitor heavy equipment and logistic operations too. In fact, here are just some of the most common use cases for GPS fleet tracking:

  1. Equipment tracking Construction companies often leverage fleet tracking systems to monitor heavy equipment and vehicles. Everyday, crews relocate essential assets (like graders, bulldozers, and loaders) and it can be challenging to keep track of it all. Tracking all these assets in a centralized system can remove some of the load from workers and allow them to focus on the job at hand. 
  2. Cold chain monitoring — Cold chain operations require a close eye and fleet tracking systems enables companies to gain realtime visibility on perishable assets. For instance, a realtime GPS fleet tracking system can be used to monitor the state and environmental conditions of reefer truckers. Embedded sensors inside the truck can monitor the temperature of essential assets and send automated alerts the minute temperature levels fall below desired levels. 
  3. Ride-SharingFleet management serves a dual purpose for ride-sharing companies. Not only can a connected fleet management solution help companies monitor electric scooter and vehicle fleets wirelessly, they can also help customers find vehicles. A fleet tracking system can help customers find the nearest scooter or bike with their phones, allowing them to use the service more efficiently. 
  4. Rental equipment — Companies that allow customers to rent vehicles and equipment can use fleet tracking software to monitor these constantly moving assets and ensure that they get returned after use. This ensures that equipment is never loss and companies can better monitor the location of these assets when they are out in the real world. 
  5. Supply chain monitoring — Companies commonly use GPS fleet tracking software to monitor truckers and other drivers who have to go on long routes for shipments. 

Fleet Tracking Benefits

With the right solution, companies can track assets wirelessly and gain realtime visibility of their operations: 

  • Maximize vehicle uptime by monitoring important vitals and taking preemptive actions when warning signs occur.
  • Reduce fuel costs by monitoring for the most-efficient routes and sending drivers to the right place the first time.
  • Ensure compliance by monitoring temperature sensitive packages with sensors and trackers.
  • Monitor driving habits and suggest optimal routes to help drivers avoid traffic and more.
  • Locate assets no matter where they are located within a warehouse or building. 

Top Fleet Management Features Every Company Needs

  1. Realtime location — The ability to monitor an asset in realtime. 
  2. Geofencing alerts — The ability to set up a virtual perimeter and receive alerts when an asset leaves the designated area. 
  3. Historical location — The ability to view where an asset has been. 
  4. OBD Integration — The ability to diagnose remote devices. 
  5. Motion / vibration — The ability to track asset motion / vibration
  6. Temperature / Humidity / Moisture — The ability to monitor the temperature, humidity, and moisture of a constantly moving asset. 

Real World Fleet Tracking Examples

Companies around the world are leveraging GPS fleet tracking solutions to monitor their vehicle and equipment fleets: 

Shared Technologies — Shared ride-sharing

Like most ride-sharing companies, Shared Technologies uses embedded sensors to monitor their fleet of scooters throughout the city. These embedded sensors communicate the location of scooters straight to a user’s phone and to a central interface at company headquarters. This system helps customers find the nearest scooter when on the street and it helps the company keep track of all their distributed assets. 

Safe Transport — Vehicle Logistics

A fleet management interface

SafeTransport is using Particle to bring the field of fleet management to the school commute. With the Particle asset tracker, SafeTransport allows school administrators to remotely track and monitor school buses in real time. Administrators can monitor drivers’ speeds, identify which buses are behind schedule, and communicate proactively with parents.

With Particle, SafeTransport was able to cut its per-unit costs in half, and improve the stability and functionality of their service. After the success of their first three school districts, SafeTransport is set to expand their operations to more school districts in the region.

Worthwhile — Forestry Logistics Management 

Tracking important assets in the forest can be a challenge with poor signal strength. However, Worthwhile built their own customer asset tracking system that monitors the location of trucks. The device gives drivers and dispatchers the realtime information they need to make informed operational decisions and select the right mills to visit with their trucks. With an estimated 800 or so trucks on the road for about 120 saw mills in South Carolina, knowing which mill has the shortest line is a huge advantage for the drivers, the companies, and the environment.

Particle simplifies vehicle and equipment management

There are many realtime GPS fleet tracking solutions out there that organizations can use, but if you’re looking for a simple solution that is field-ready and customizable, Particle offers a unique system to help simplify your asset management.

The Particle Tracking System is an integrated asset management solution that provides everything you need to monitor vehicle and equipment fleets. Our Tracking Services comes with a software suite that is pre-built with geolocation services and configuration capabilities for defining fleet-wide behaviors. Our Tracking Services also power our two hardware products (T SoM and Tracker One), which are purpose-built for intelligent equipment tracking regardless of the environment.

  • Realtime location services — Monitor asset location with a simple geolocation mapping interface.
  • Realtime GPS tracking — All our tracking solutions come with a high-gain GNSS antenna that is accurate to 1.8 meters.
  • Field-ready & customizable — Particle provides field-ready tracking solutions for immediate deployment and customizable tracking for sophisticated solution.
  • Configuration services — Companies can define fleet wide behaviors with our open asset tracking firmware library and configuration settings. 
  • Global cellular connectivity options — Including LTE CAT M1 in North America and LTE CAT 1 with 3G and 2G fallback in EMEA.

Particle works with customers across a wide range of industries including logistics providers, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, micromobility, and local governments implementing smart city solutions. Businesses and organizations interested in the Particle Tracking solution can learn more here

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