How To Choose The Right Cold Chain Management Solution

5 tips for choosing the right cold chain management solution

Jeffrey Lee article author avatarJeffrey LeeApril 30, 2020
How To Choose The Right Cold Chain Management Solution

The cold chain is the least forgiving element of logistics. Shipping temperature-controlled goods from the point of origin to the final destination is a complex process. That’s because a cold chain requires consistent refrigeration and multiple companies working together. Effective cold chain management can be one of the most significant contributors to a company’s success.

It is imperative that a cold chain functions as smoothly and efficiently as possible. To achieve this, organizations must leverage the right cold chain management solution. The right solution can save enterprises big dollars in operational costs. It can also increase visibility and optimize logistic operations. 

Digital cold chain management solutions enable enterprises to manage the uncertainties of cold chain logistics. However, choosing the right cold chain management solution can be a complex endeavor. Therefore, your cold chain management selection is not a decision you should make lightly. To guarantee that you implement the best cold chain management solution for your enterprise, you need to keep a few key things in mind.

1) Customization for Your Industry

Every industry has unique needs and it is critical to find a cold chain management solution that enables you to customize to your specific requirements.  

Whether you’re managing food or pharmaceuticals, you need a reliable cold chain management solution that enables your business to add the features you need. For instance, pharmaceuticals typically need to pass specific compliance standards, so you need to find a solution that allows you to remain compliant.

For pharmaceuticals, finding a platform that allows you to document temperature changes throughout an asset’s journey is critical. Digital cold chain monitoring technologies can record realtime and historical temperature data in the cloud, enabling companies to create documentation to quickly resolve compliance and regulatory issues if they come up.

2) All-In-One Solution

When comparing cold chain management solutions, make sure you choose one that offers everything you need to monitor and track your logistic operations:

  1. Realtime GPS tracking — It is imperative that you choose a cold chain management solution that allows you to monitor your distributed assets in realtime.
  2. Temperature monitoring — You want to find a solution that already has temperature sensors built-in and configured for you.
  3. Actionable alerts — You need the ability to setup and receive automatic alerts by SMS or email when temperature levels rise or fall below desired levels.
  4. Reliable connectivity — Make sure to choose a platform that can offer cellular connectivity plans so you can monitor your assets no matter the location.
  5. Configuration services — The ability to change your cold chain management solution to fit your specific needs.

3) Connectivity Reliability

When comparing cold chain management solutions, companies often overlook cellular connectivity. This is an extremely important factor to consider because you cannot track and monitor logistic operations with a poor cellular connection. 

You want to choose a solution that ensures you can collect data from your distributed assets, no matter where they are in the world. And in order to do that, you need a strong cellular connectivity network.

Your cold chain management platform should provide cellular connectivity options that work best for your business and region. For example, modern cellular connectivity protocols (like Cat-1 and Cat-M1) can ensure that important assets are tracked even in hard-to-reach areas. Choose a vendor that can provide these types of cellular options for your business. 

4) Data Autonomy 

Data is your most valuable asset. That’s why enterprises can’t afford to have their data locked-in anywhere. The right solution will allow you to maintain control of your data, no matter where it resides. You want to choose a platform that enables you to funnel your data to the business service tools that work best for your organization. 

As a highly-extensible platform, the Particle Device Cloud supports integrations to seamlessly connect device data with the tools your business already relies on, saving you time and money while extending the value of your existing investments.

5) Clear ROI and Benefits

Enterprises should only invest in a cold chain management platform that offers a clear return on investment (ROI). In order to achieve a quality return on investment with cold chain monitoring is with predictive maintenance and analytics. Predictive maintenance and analytics offer several benefits:

  • Competitive advantage based on real-world and realtime data
  • Actionable insights based on collected data.
  • Increased revenue by gaining insight into customer preferences and choices
  • Improved operational efficiency by reducing equipment downtime
  • Optimized and streamlined maintenance procedures
  • Improved worker safety

Particle makes cold chain logistics simple 

A geolocation interface for cold chain management solutions

The Particle Tracking System

There are many cold chain management solutions out there that organizations can use, but if you’re looking for a simple solution that is field-ready and customizable, Particle offers a unique solution to help simplify your cold chain operations. 

The Particle Tracking System is an integrated suite that provides everything you need to monitor and manage your cold chain operations.

  1. Realtime location services — Monitor asset location with a simple geolocation mapping interface.
  2. Realtime GPS tracking — All our tracking solutions come with a high-gain GNSS antenna that is accurate to 1.8 meters
  3. Temperature monitoring — Our tracking hardware solutions come with temperature sensors out of the box. 
  4. Field-ready & customizable — Particle provides field-ready and customizable tracking solution.
  5. Configuration services — Define fleet wide behaviors with our open asset tracking firmware library and configuration settings. 
  6. OTA firmware updates — Send new features and updates to your cold chain solution with ease. 
  7. Global cellular connectivity options — Including LTE CAT M1 in North America and LTE CAT 1 with 3G and 2G fallback in EMEA.

Particle works with customers across a wide range of industries including logistics providers, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, micromobility, and local governments implementing smart city solutions. Businesses and organizations interested in the Particle Tracking solution can visit

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