May 18th - 19th 2022
The IoT Conference for Enterprise Customers and Developers
May 18th - 19th 2022
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IoT Hardware to Bring Your Product Online

Build powerful edge solutions with a comprehensive suite of IoT hardware

Designed for Rapid Iteration and Deployment

Get your first prototype up and running in minutes with our easy-to-use, open source hardware development kits with Wi-Fi, cellular, and BLE connectivity.

Built for rapid prototyping in the Featherwing form-factor and ships with Particle Device OS.

Wi-Fi Development Kit, Particle Argon, IoT Hardware.

Scale with Industrial-Grade Durability

When you're ready to scale up, our industrial-grade modules are secure, reliable, and fully-certified:

  • Surface-mountable design that accelerates PCB assembly
  • An embedded SIM card that resists corrosion and mechanical failure
  • Extended operational temperature range from -20 to 85C for hostile environments
IoT hardware soldered to a custom PCB inside an enclosure.

Future-Proof with IoT Flexibility

All B Series modules are designed from the start to help you go from low volume to mass production.

  • M.2 Form factor — ready to fit in products and reduces custom PCB complexity.
  • Multi-radio — supporting LTE CAT M1, Bluetooth 5.2, and NFC.
  • Fully certified — saving time and money with out of the box FCC, CE, IC, and GCF certification.
IoT hardware attached to a evaluation board using an M.2 connector

Control Your Fleet in an IoT Command Center

Manage and monitor your growing fleet from the Particle Device Console. From Over-the-air firmware updates to device diagnostics, access mission critical features in one central cloud interface.

A cloud interface for monitoring and managing connected products

Resources for embedded development

Ready to build your IoT product?

Pick up a developer kit or industrial module from our hardware store to get started.