The Asset Tracker

Get the location and status information of any of your devices, from anywhere.

Track anything, anywhere

The Asset Tracker is a comprehensive solution for tracking and monitoring over cellular. Equipped with a weather-proof enclosure and a GPS shield, the asset tracker uses the 3G or the 2G Electron to communicate with the Particle Cloud and the world.

Monitor sensor data

Include accelerometers, temperature sensors, or moisture sensors to increase the scope of your remote monitoring.

Build faster and easier

The Electron Series provides everything you need to add cellular to your product: the hardware, the SIM card, the global network, and the cloud service. This means smoother development with low-cost, pre-certified hardware, and an efficient communications protocol that minimizes data costs.

Easy setup, powerful tools

Get started in minutes using Tinker, our mobile app, and our easy setup portal. Explore ready-to-go projects and extensive code libraries that walk you up the learning curve. Troubleshoot, ask the experts, and look for inspiration in our friendly online communities.

A full toolkit of Cloud applications

The Particle Cloud lets you focus on your product, not on solving issues common with 2G and 3G applications. Write and manage firmware with our dev tools. Build and troubleshoot with our mobile apps. Manage your devices, their SIMs, and their cellular data consumption with the Particle Console.

Technical Specs

Asset tracker specs

  • Asset Tracker Shield PCB
  • u-blox MAX-M8 Module
  • LIS3DH 3 axis accelerometer
  • Waterproof enclosure
  • See here for additional Asset Tracker specs.

Cellular specs

  • u-blox SARA U-series (3G)
  • Telefonica global SIM card
  • Particle IoT data plan - Plans vary based on usage and location. See here for specifics.

Electron specs

  • STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, 1MB Flash, 128K RAM
  • 36 pins total: 28 GPIOs (D0-D13, A0-A13), plus TX/RX, 2 GNDs, VIN, VBAT, WKP, 3V3, RST
  • Board dimensions: 2.0" x 0.8" x 0.3" (0.5" including headers)
  • Open source hardware
  • FCC, IC and CE pre-certified
  • See here for additional Electron specs.


  • Logistics

  • Sharing Economy

  • Perishables

  • Loss prevention

Start tracking your stuff