Asset Tracking with Particle

Particle connects your moving assets to help you keep track of them.

Why asset tracking?

Asset tracking improves utilization, reduces maintenance costs, and keeps you safe.

  • 15%

    Reduced maintenance costs

    Companies who monitor asset performance can prevent problems before they occur and reduce maintenance costs by 15%.

  • 40%

    Improved workplace utilization

    Companies using fleet management services outperform their peers in terms of workforce utilization by 40%.

  • 15%

    Reduced fuel costs

    Monitoring vehicle fleets can help companies identify potential problems and reduce fuel costs by 15%.

Safetransport secures the school commute with asset tracking

SafeTransport is using Particle to bring the field of fleet management to the school commute.

Powered by Particle’s Asset Tracker, administrators can now monitor drivers’ speeds, identify which buses are behind schedule, communicate proactively with parents, and more.

Industrial applications

Connect your assets to increase visibility and service efficiency.

  • Inventory management

    Track physical assets (like equipment or packages) across multiple sites wirelessly.

  • Cold-chain monitoring

    Monitor sensitive packages and receive automated alerts the minute temperatures rise too high or low.

  • Facilities management

    Track company equipment usage to determine maintenance and calibration schedules.

  • Fleet management

    Monitor vehicle fleets in real time to track speed, identify potential issues, and more.

About Particle

Particle is an enterprise IoT platform that offers everything you need to power an IoT product, from device to cloud.

As the most widely used IoT platform, Particle's tools are used by over 160,000 engineers in more than 170 countries, and by 8,500 companies.

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