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Announcing: Particle B Series - LTE Modules and Dev Boards for Cellular IoT Development

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Supply Chain Management with Particle

Particle connects your supply chain operations to increase visibility and optimize services

Your Supply Chain Operations, Now With IoT

IoT technologies have proven to increase visibility, improve productivity, and reduce costs

  • 100%

    Increased visibility

    Know the location and condition of your assets at all times with wireless connected sensors

  • 15%

    Improved productivity

    The IDC predicts that IoT technologies will result in a full 15% increase in manufacturing productivity by 2018

  • 30%

    Reduced operating costs

    Improved supply-chain visibility reduces costs associated with excess inventory, safety-stock, and more

TankClarity Transforms Supply Chain Management with IoT Data

For years, TankClarity’s oil distributors have been looking for ways to gain better insights into consumer’s oil fuel levels.

With Particle’s platform, TankClarity can provide this data directly to them. This has improve their partner relationships and helped oil distributors improve their demand forecasting and supply chain management.

TankClarity Transforms Supply Chain Management with IoT Data

Industrial Applications

Connect your operations to improve customer service, fleet efficiency, and more

  • Automated fulfillment

    Receive automatic alerts when a customer runs out of supplies for their product.

  • Cold-chain monitoring

    Monitor a package’s internal and ambient temperatures to ensure quality and freshness.

  • Distribution monitoring

    A connected sensor can locate and monitor a moving asset in real-time anywhere, anytime

  • Fleet management

    Monitor company vehicles in real-time with GPS tracking to ensure they reach their destinations.

Supply Chain Management Resources

Learn how you can use IoT to monitor and manage your supply chain operations

The Particle approach to supply chain management

Particle provides everything you need (from device to cloud) to develop and integrate an IoT solution into your existing supply chain infrastructure.

Our product and services include connectivity hardware to get your solution connected to the internet, communication protocols that work out of the box, and cloud software to manage your fleet of devices

Don’t take it from us though. There are 180,000 developers around the world using Particle’s platform and 8,500 companies launching products powered by Particle.

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