Track and gain insights from your fleet

Streamline your operations, enable GPS tracking, and gather fleet telematics data from your transportation and logistics systems

Shared drives next wave of micromobility with cellular iot

"Without Particle we would have had to rebuild the entire IoT stack. Using Particle allowed us to move from concept to live in-market in 3 months."

Braydon Batungbacal, CEO, Shared Technologies

Solve the Toughest Problemas in Your Industry

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Cold-chain monitoring

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Scooter fleets

Construction equipment tracking with integrated Particle IoT technology

Equipment monitoring


High-value asset monitoring


Vehicle fleet management

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Transit and logistics operations

Monitor operations in real-time

Using the Particle Tracking System, track your fleet arrivals, departures, delays, and ETA for shipments.

Real-time geolocation mapping

Monitor asset location in real-time with geolocation mapping services.

Historical location tracking

Track location history to suggest optimal routes and receive ETA alerts to make more intelligent business decisions.

With the Particle Tracking System, you can monitor all transportation related assets

Prevent theft and loss

Ensure compliance by monitoring sensitive variables (like temperature, motion, humidity) with sensors and trackers.

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Optimize your fleet and spend

Reduce fuel costs by monitoring for the most-efficient routes and sending drivers to the right place the first time.

A laptop reporting vitals on a reefer truck

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