Particle Announces Three New IoT Products and Particle Mesh Shipping At Spectra

We’re thrilled to announce Particle IoT Rules Engine, Workbench, mesh SoMs, and that Argons, Borons, and Xenons are shipping.

Zach Supalla article author avatarZach SupallaOctober 03, 2018
Particle Announces Three New IoT Products and Particle Mesh Shipping At Spectra

Particle has discontinued development of Particle Mesh, our OpenThread-based mesh networking solution, and will no longer be manufacturing the associated Xenon development board. Particle will continue investing in its other “Gen 3” products, the flagship cellular (Boron) and Wi-Fi (Argon) product lines. Read more about the deprecation here.

At Particle, it is important to us that you have all the tools you need to build connected IoT products. That is why we were proud to announce three all-new IoT products, along with shipping information for Particle Mesh, at Spectra, our first conference for IoT builders.

Specifically, we announced:

  1. Particle IoT Rules Engine (Beta), a drag-and-drop IoT application builder to accelerate your time to market.
  2. Particle Workbench (Developer Preview), a free, all-in-one offering to develop, program, and debug professional-grade apps for the Particle platform.
  3. Particle Mesh Shipping October – Particle’s next generation hardware will now ship in October 2018.
  4. Particle Mesh SOMs (System on Modules), an enterprise-grade, production-scale version of Particle Mesh.

These new products were built with your needs in mind and the feedback we heard from your experiences. We’re excited to roll them out and see how you use them to build real IoT products. To learn more, you can read in-depth about these new products below:

Particle IoT Rules Engine — It’s Time to Simplify IoT App Building

Particle, IoT Rules Engine

The Rules Engine’s visual interface allows you to easily create and wire together app logic

The Particle IoT Rules Engine is a drag-and-drop IoT application builder designed to accelerate your time to market. The Rules Engine provides a visual interface to create and wire together if-this-then-that style logic — enabling customers to create business rules in the cloud that react to events in the physical world.

The IoT Rules Engine offers powerful yet flexible building blocks to create the rules needed for any IoT use case. For instance, real-time alerting, IoT data management, OTA firmware automation, seamless 3rd party integrations, and more. Built on IBM’s Node-RED widely adopted open-source tool designed for IoT, builders can benefit from thousands of community-contributed logic snippets, called nodes, to supercharge their workflows.

The visual nature of the tool enables anyone on your team to use the IoT Rules Engine, not just engineers. Enlist customer success teams to create support-related flows when devices experience problems. Or, call on business analysts to create marketing automation based on sensor data. It’s all possible with the IoT Rules Engine.

The IoT Rules Engine is now available in beta, and you can apply for access here.

Professional Desktop Experience Powered by Visual Studio Code

Particle, Particle Workbench

An all-in-one development offering to program and debug professional-grade apps

Particle Workbench is a new, all-in-one desktop experience optimized for professional IoT development. Powered by Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Particle Workbench provides all the tools you need to program and debug professional-grade apps for the Particle platform in a single download.

Particle Workbench includes features to help you create and deploy IoT devices locally and offline. In addition to Visual Studio Code’s features like IntelliSense, breakpoint debugging, and Git support, we’ve added tooling for local compilation, hardware debugging, OTA wireless updates, and more.

By including Visual Studio Code, you will also have access to over 8,000 extensions from Microsoft’s Visual Studio Marketplace in addition to custom extensions that drive Particle Workbench. You can get access to the Particle Workbench developer preview here.

Particle Mesh Shipping in October

Particle Mesh – Argon, Boron, and Xenon

More than 35,000 orders have been placed for Particle Mesh since we initially introduced the three new hardware modules in February of 2018. Shipping officially begins in October and we could not be more excited to fulfill your order for our next generation hardware.

Particle Mesh is now officially available in our retail store here.

Introducing Enterprise-Grade Mesh Hardware: Particle Mesh SOMs

Particle Mesh SOMs  – An enterprise-grade, production-scale version of Particle Mesh

In addition to the release of Particle Mesh developer kits, Particle Mesh SOMs (System on Module) are officially under development and will be available in 2019. These Particle Mesh SOMs are an enterprise-grade, production-scale version of our mesh developer boards.

Like our E SoM modules, Particle Mesh SOMs are designed to allow you to easily transition from prototype to production when building large-scale IoT products. When officially released, these mesh-enabled SOMs will be available with Wi-Fi and LTE/GSM connectivity, allowing you to connect to the wireless network of your choice.  

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more updates from Spectra throughout the day and the next couple of weeks. We will continue sharing and publishing information from the conference floor as it comes available.

Your feedback on Particle software, hardware, and ongoing conversations with the Particle team have helped us shape our product with the right tools to support your success. We’re excited to hear what you think and what problem you’ll solve next.