Order fulfillment

Order Processing Made Easy

Delight customers with real-time, automatic order fulfillment alerts and notifications

Order Fulfillment Drives Measurable ROI

Delight customers with real-time, automated order fulfillment alerts and notifications

  • ↓10%

    Inventory Costs

    IoT-based order fulfillment can help companies better organize inventory and reduce costs by 10%

  • ↓15%

    Missed Sales Opps

    IoT based order fulfillment can help companies eliminate missed sales opportunities by 15%

  • ↑10%

    Customer Satisfaction

    Companies that use IoT-based fulfillment see a 10% increase in customer satisfaction

SaltCo is Automating Salt Deliveries With IoT

With the Particle edge-to-cloud platform, SaltCo sensors automatically monitor customer’s brine salt levels and immediately notify contractors when they need more salt pumped into their system.

With increased visibility into customer's brine tank salt levels, they are ensuring customer satisfaction while increasing sales through these automated fulfillment notifications.

Saltco team delivering salt

Track Your Orders Through the Supply Chain

Leveraging Particle’s Tracking System, you can monitor the movement of refrigerated goods and other shipments through the supply chain in real-time.

Track Your Orders Through the Supply Chain

Automate Fulfillment With IoT

Use connected hardware to connect your operations to the cloud so you can monitor storage levels and automatically replenish supplies when needed.

Automate fullfilment with IoT

Monitor the Condition of Essential Variables in Transit

Attach additional sensors to your deployment to monitor shipment temperature, moisture and vibration to protect the quality of goods.

Monitor the condition of essential variables in transit 3x

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