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How to implement CI/CD automation for firmware development with Particle

The Particle Team article author avatarThe Particle TeamOctober 26, 2023

Explore how to use Particle’s GitHub Actions for automated firmware releasing. This guide walks you through the process of making a code change in Workbench, committing it, and pushing to a branch to kick off the build action, which compiles the firmware for you. When you merge to the main branch, it initiates the full release process, including flashing the test device automatically.

Get familiar with the firmware upload action, which handles compiling, updating the version if needed, and uploading to both Particle and GitHub seamlessly. The automated versioning checks for changes in the git revision and increments the version as required. It also commits this change and sets up a GitHub release for you.

Finally, learn how to release the firmware to an actual product using the Particle console. With GitHub Actions, the entire firmware development process, from initial code change to over-the-air update, is streamlined, ensuring a smooth integration and easy releasing without manual steps. For more examples, check out the Particle docs, which offers several Actions for common firmware workflows to leverage.

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