Particle for Good now live! Applications open for social impact organizations

Qualified social impact organizations can now apply to get benefits like discounts and priority support.

Jeff Eiden article author avatarJeff EidenMay 08, 2018
Particle for Good now live! Applications open for social impact organizations

Last October, we shared early details of a new program that would provide special benefits to those making a positive social impact using Particle’s IoT platform. We were humbled by the positive reactions to the Particle for Good announcement, and inspired by the stories we heard from organizations creating a brighter future with IoT.

Today, the Particle for Good program is officially accepting applications for membership.

Nonprofits, social impact organizations, and educators who are using IoT to make a difference are invited to apply. With this program, we hope to enable innovators to use Particle to promote equality, protect our environment, empower underserved communities, support the arts, and more.

Members get access to discounts, priority support, and more

Organizations that are accepted into the Particle for Good program will receive a variety of benefits to support IoT initiatives that create positive social change:

  • Hardware + software discounts of up to 20% off Particle IoT hardware and 20% off Device Cloud costs
  • Priority support from our customer support team
  • Access to private communities to connect with other socially-minded IoT innovators
  • Co-marketing opportunities to share your story alongside Particle

Those who were previously enrolled in Particle’s educator program will be converted into a Particle for Good member, and receive the benefits listed above. This includes an increase in hardware discounts from 15% to up to 20%.

Smarter stoves, saving lives

Envirofit is working with Particle to improve the lives of those living in extreme energy poverty. They have created an ultra-low emission, environmentally sustainable cookstove. These stoves conserve fuel and reduce harmful emissions emitted from cooking over an open flame, all while taking traditional cooking customs into consideration.

Image featuring a mother and child with an envirofit stove

Envirofit has begun using Particle to understand cookstove adoption in remote areas. Recently, the Honduran government partnered with Envirofit to deploy 300,000 cookstoves to families living at the base of the economic pyramid. Envirofit took a sample of 1,000 stoves in Honduras and equipped them with Particle Electrons. These connected stoves collect usage data to help Envirofit improve improve cookstove designs and create better trainings in the future. Read the full story here.

Check out other Particle for Good members making big impact in their communities:

We’re proud to partner with organizations like these who are using IoT technology to create social change. We encourage you to apply if you are are affiliated with a social impact organization and using Particle to make a positive impact.

Is Particle for Good right for your organization?

Today, any organization that is a 501(c)(3) organization, B-corp
certified, public benefit corporation, or academic institution (public
or private) can apply. The program is best suited at this time for those
focused on environmental preservation, developing regions, STEAM education, or social justice.

Organizations with technical team are best suited to be successful with Particle. In the future, we’ll be able to expand access to more developer resources for those who don’t have a technical team — stay tuned.

Learn more about the program here and let us know about the problems you’re solving in your community.